Friday, November 12, 2010

30 and Pregnant

With the popularity of the show 16 and Pregnant as well as Teen Mom my friends and I have been trying to get in on this action and we have a fool proof plan. My married couple friends AH and DH are expecting their little bundle of joy Avery any day now. We are fully immersed in baby watch 2010. All of our great minds think the premise of a show called 30 and Pregnant is the next big thing. You know bringing a child into this world when you have planned for it? Both parents love each other and know how to communicate and not argue. I mean it is going to be riveting tv. We are currently waiting on MTV to get back to us but I am pretty sure it will get picked up and it will be my time to shine as the helpful aunt in the background. AH and I were texted about the show today as I was watching this week's 16 and pregnant

Me: Yeah it's a little boring. I keep watching for previews of 30 and preggers. This week D and A tell Sampson (aka their precious dog)

AH: We are on the way to see Due Date as well in this weeks episode

Me: HAhah I love it. Sampson is confused about being a big brother. How will he handle this new responsibility.

AH: And then DH told Sampson he could go on a walk and he forgot about being a big brother at all.

This may not be super funny for the rest of my 10 readers but I crack up everytime I think about this and I am pretty sure when other friend DH reads this she will also have a good chuckle. Long story short. Stay tuned to MTV for this cutting edge television show to start and don't forget to set your dvr. Until then Baby Watch 2010 continues. Oh and Avery can you hold out until at least Sunday? Auntie Taytay has some tailgating to do Saturday. Please and thank you and can't wait to meet you!!!

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