Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Man errr Lady

I have realized something over the past few years. I really like my family and other people's families. At my friend L's wedding I befriended her grandmother and her grandmother came in town for a bday about a month and a half ago and she was thrilled to see me again. I just put her birthday card in the mail.

This past weekend I went to a bday brunch for a friends and sat near the family end of the table, aka the best seat ever for me. I bonded with her aunt, cousin, and mom. I was thrilled today when I got an email from her aunt. I was telling her about the books I was reading and good to know if never am in Seguin and need a place to stay, I have some people who would be more than happy for me to stay with them. What can I say, I like families.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our First Guest Blogger

Today is super exciting because I have my first guest blogger. I was out and about the other evening and a friend, KS, requested to guest blog and I was happy to oblige here. I sent her this formal invite
Ms. S-
I hope this email finds you well. This correspondence is to let you know that our panel has decided you are a good fit for a guest blogging position. We loved the idea you submitted "Running into the girl you used to babysit on w. 6th" and think our readers will also love it. As we have never had a guest blogger before you can imagine what a great honor this is. We hope you accept this offer and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anchors and Argyle Staff

And now for her submission.

Sometimes I feel old when they play Pearl Jam on the classic rock station. Sometimes I feel pathetic when I drink too much at work events and have to call my parents for a ride home. It’s rare that I feel old and pathetic at the same time…

Last Saturday night, at a housewarming party in a downtown condo, I started chatting with L, a girl who grew up in the same suburb as me. After a bit of back and forth – which neighborhood? What street? Etc, L exclaims my childhood nickname with a lot of exuberance. It turns out that “Little L” (as I used to call her) is the baby that lived across the street from me as a child.

This is the first baby that I ever held –my first real babysitting customer. Now she’s a recent college grad who moved in (and now moved out) with the manager of a GNC in Killeen after dating for 3 months. While I silently (and sometimes not so silently) freaked out and downed vodka sodas, we reminisced about Little L’s pit-bull Petey went on a murder spree, killing the neighborhood ducks; how her mom would drop me off at piano lessons in a limo; how she came over to see me in my prom dress.

The evening ended with Little L driving me home after one too many vodka sodas. Old and pathetic.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desperate Housewives

Anyone else know this show was still on the air?? I saw a preview for the season finale and thought it had been cancelled but I guess I was wrong.

Friday, May 13, 2011

note to self

Remove Christmas music from ipod. Little town of Bethlehem is not what you want to be shuffled too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today at work I received an evite to a baby shower for a girl I quasi know. I was surprised to be included and then opened it up and was even more surprised that it was being held here at work, during lunch. Also surprising is that it seemed like everyone and their mother was invited to it.

I am not sure if I have shared my rantings before on work baby showers but here goes. I am against them. I mean I don't have a child and find it hard to believe that if I was pregnant and someone at work wanted to throw me a shower that I would decline but maybe I would. I just think if you are friends with people at work and want them to be at your shower, you will probably make sure they get invited to a shower your friends are throwing you.

I know these are just my opinions but inviting close to 50 people from work seems like a pretty big party to me

Friday, May 6, 2011

Online interwebbings

Folks I have joined the world of online dating. Why you might add when I am such a catch and have so much to offer some lucky man friend, well it appears that I am not meeting anyone at the bars or other aspects of my life. Last week (Wednesday) I learned about a free website called okcupid. I joined on Saturday. I am sure me joining is going to equal a lot more funny stories on here so really I am doing it for my 14 followers entertainment.

It took awhile to fill out my profile and put up some pictures that showed me looking my finest. Within the first 14 hrs I had received and email saying someone had messaged me that I was pretty. I didn't have time to logon and check out this future prince charming so I moved on. Hours later I was at dinner with BD and LG and I mentioned my signing up for this. B was very interested and promptly logged into the account to see who the prince was that emailed me. This is where the lols and hilarity begin. She just laughed at his profile and then read aloud the finer points. His favorite type of music is Death fing Metal. Interests include texting, video games, and another that we just won't mention. Pretty much he is the total opposite of anything I would be interested in. We took to calling him the Dragon Slayer since he looked and I think also mentioned his interest in Dungeons and Dragons.

Needless to say we won't be going on a date. Back to the drawing board which currently consists of a 22 year old that is emailing me. I feel like a cougar.

I did it!

Well folks I did it. I made it 60 days without shopping. To be honest it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Sure there were things that caught my eye during the shopping drought but for the most part I was not that tempted.

The next natural question is, have you shopped yet? Yep! Calypso came to Target on Sunday and I got a shirt and the Target also had some good work dress options. There were also some orange items at the Crew I had my eyes on and held out for. I am a big fan of orange these days. I am done shopping for the month as I am reminded again about the large about of clothing I already own. I am thinking there might be another 30 or 60 days of no shopping in my future again.