Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mall Massage

I have never understood the little chairs you can sit in face down and pay the person in the mall to give you a massage. 1) those little face holes have got to be dirty. I am not some germaphobe but I don't want my face being on something that 100's of unwashed faces have been on. 2) how relaxing is it to get a massage with people walking around, most likely talking about you while the cart next to you is trying to get every person that walks by to try the hand lotion. No thank you.

Tonight I went to Barton Creek Mall and was walking by the massage station and was treated to not only butt crack but the top of some cheeks by the massage lady. She was rocking the butt cleavage which is cleavage no one ever wants to see. A new marketing trick? Yes Miss, now that I have seen the larger part of your back side will you please rub my back?

50 Cent

Ok this picture is all over the internet but in case you don't really the gossip blogs and I am the only blog you read (Thank you thank you) here is 50 cent

I mean if they didn't tell me this was him I wouldn't know. He lost all this weight to star in a movie. This is kinda freaking me out now. He doesn't look healthy.

True Blood

Last night I helped LE address her save the dates. It may be my calling in life. Her hubby to be put on the past season review for True Blood while we worked and it got me all excited for the new season. I had forgotten a few of the important details so a refresher course was useful before the season premiere in a few weeks. I was just on Perez checking up on my celeb gossip and what did I see.
Oh Jason Stackhouse you are a handsome man. So handsome I am willing to say that you make that hat look good, which is a bold statement since the only kind of hats I like on men are baseball hats or top hats. I can't wait to see what trouble you get into this year and what skanks you meet along the way. June 13th can't get her fast enough!

Why Can’t I Stop Watching One Tree Hill

I mean really, why can’t I stop watching this crap show on the CW. I was so sure it was going to be cancelled after this season and I would be free of it, but alas it was renewed. I mean I quit Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives this year cold turkey, no problem, but One Tree Hill, I just can’t do it. I now post my open letter to the CW

Dear CW Head Honchos,

One Tree Hill had a great run, but it ended about 2 years ago yet you continue to bring it back and sadly I can’t get out. I am watching this train wreck until the very end. One of your “actors” is Stephen Colletti

who never would have been famous except he was on Laguna Beach. When you start to get your actors from reality tv shows is maybe the sign to hang your hat up. While I have your attention can you please tell the Gossip Girl writers that it would be great if all the episodes were as good as the season finale? Oh and to keep little J away and so help me if Dan is the father of Georgina’s baby. That is all. Thanks for you time.

27 and still watching the CW,

The Power of Target

I love Target, like most warm blooded American women. They have great deals though it is dangerous since I can’t seem to leave without spending 100 dollars or more. A month ago the Cynthia Vincent shoes came out and I went to 7 Targets total looking for some of the shoes. At Target #5 I found one pair. After Target #7 I gave up and if I find the other pair I want then it was meant to be but 7 Targets in Austin may be my limit. I am stopping in FW on my way to Oklahoma for a bachelorette party in the beginning of June so I may be popping into some Targets along the way to see if they have them. It would be silly to not try

But I am off topic. The power of Target, the power to create new friendships. I just completed my provisional year of the JL and our provisional project was in a food pantry packing these backpacks for an entire elementary school where 98% of the kids were on assisted lunch. I signed up for lots of the same shifts, like Wednesday nights. I was not the only one who did that. I didn’t know anyone in the JL when I joined and being the friendly person I am, I would chit chat with everyone. One girl in particular and I got along very well. It was over Target. LE, soon to be LG, and I talked about the Gossip Girl line by Anna Sui that was coming to Target and how excited we were. We both pulled out our day planners and showed each other that we both had the release date on our calendars. Double points that we both had Franklin Coveys! Well at that point the bond was formed and the rest is history, especially since the clothing turned out to not be that cute. We are going to be friends for life! Maybe I should write Target a thank you note while also including that we would like Issac Mizrahi to return.

The Importance of the Handwritten Letter

When I originally thought about writing a blog I wanted to call it “The Importance of the Handwritten Letter” but that is a little bit long and doesn’t really flow off the tongue, but it is another one of my loves. The way to make my day is to send me a letter, not an email. No one really does it anymore and I love getting something other than bills and catalogues in the mail. The other great part about letters or cards is the stationary. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stationary. I can’t get enough of it. If money grew on trees and I had a larger apt. I would have tons of stationary.

The best card I brought lately was for my BFF CP’s birthday. We always joke about emoticons and how I hate them and think they are beyond stupid. I don’t get them, unless it is the cute one that is a lobster looking thing. So instead of using them I may say in an email to her “insert happy face emoticon” which I think is much better. I digress. I was wandering around Target and stocking up on birthday cards and found the best, most perfect card ever. It was covered in emoticons.

Thank you Papyrus!

I love these pink and green Lily Pulitzer cards. Very fresh and bright and remind me of my good friend LE, soon to be LG, who loves her some Lily as well as the combo of pink and green.

These would be perfect for my Knotty Nautical Party!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Typical Conversation with my brother

I have a younger brother and I really think the power of gchat is bringing us much closer together. With him in Houston and me in Austin it has been a good way for us to chat. Here is a conversation we had today

H: where can i pick up some overalls

Me: prob good will
but why

H: overall jean cut-offs
dare to dream sister~~~~~~~~

me: more like a nightmare

Hoarders Lair

My friend AJS claims I am a hoarder. This is all based on the time she and her dog Quinn came over and Quinn got syphilis. It is not what you are thinking by the way. A few years ago my mom got my brother and I stuffed animal STD’s for Christmas and put them in the stocking. I guess technically the STD’s came from Santa???
So I got syphilis and it had disappeared somewhere under a pile of clothes or under my bed. AJS likes to say Quinn was “having so much fun playing Global Guts because your bedroom was like the Agro Crag” So Quinn comes back into the living room with syphilis in his mouth and then I explain the whole story about Christmas etc. Naturally the conversation then turns to me being a hoarder. I have told her she is wrong since I have seen the show before and they always find dead cats in the kitchen and that hasn’t happened to me. To which she says “Yet”. I mean it is not possible since I despise cats. And I am not a hoarder. I have taken to calling my apt the Hoarders Lair, more for the humor factor.

Cute little guy isn't he?

Overheard at work

Co-worker on her phone “ I’m going to let my beautiful self go” aka get off the phone. Special. This same co-worker also keeps her cell phone ringer on and I get to hear a variety of rap music when she gets a call. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some rap music, but hearing the same 2 lines of a song is not what I had in mind for rocking out.

Which brings up the other point, cell phone ringers on at work in my book is a no no. What do you need to have it on for? If you are sitting at your desk you will hear it vibrate and can answer. If you are away chances are high you aren’t close enough to hear it ring in the first place so your co-workers just get to listen to your terrible choice of ring tone. I wonder what Emily Post has to say on this issue.

Also overheard last week at work in the break room

" I mean they just got back from Shreveport. They wanted a nice weekend away" I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. I have been to Shreveport and I don’t think I would call it a place I would pick for a nice weekend away. Smoke filled and hot yes, nice, not so much. A drive thru daiquiri can only help the city out so much.

What the heck are you wearing?

Jessica Simpson, please hire a new stylist. You manage to look crappy more than you look good. Why would anyone want their hips to look bigger unless they weighed 80 lbs and were 5’ 9’’.

While we are at it, same can be said for the hot mess that is Mariah Carey. You are not 18 anymore and we live in 2010 so please start to dress accordingly.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


There are lots of things that I love. Currently I have a mild obsession with this horse. Not sure why but I love this horse head from Z Gallerie.

I have already decided where it will go and how perfectly it will work in my bedroom area. I say area because I currently reside in 420 square feet of fun, but more on that another day.

I also love ruffles.

Basic ruffles like this shirt from the Crew. So many different colors
and light weight. Perfect alone or with a shirt underneath, or a cardigan over. I am loving cardigans even though we are getting close to the 100+days of summer here in Austin.

With the ruffles, I am also loving almost everything Kate Spade has made clothingwise lately. I emailed my best friend on Friday with everything I like on the website and her response was did you send me everything. Kate Spade has the perfect mix of preppy and classic in her clothes and the woman is also not afraid of a ruffle. Love this.. She just gets it.

The Crew

Today I worked for a bit at my part time gig at the Crew. I have some credit card debt that I acquired due to my love of shopping/potentially a shopping addiction and I work in a clothing store to pay it off. I know it makes next to no sense but the idea of me waitresses as a part time gig is laughable. I have done the retail thing before and it helps you work on your patience and really be on the lookout for good customer service or hyper aware of some bad customer service. So today I met a very nice lady, Nancy. We talked about a million things while I was on hold ordering her some clothes. She now knows my mother tells me to make good choices and I know that her son has a foot that is 1.5 sizes smaller than the other, or one is 1.5 sizes larger depending on how you look at it.

We bonded and were BFF's for 20 mins. She mentioned she is going to Brazil in Oct. and I said "Oh I have a similar vacation planned as well, but it is Port Aransas in July" For those of you familiar with the glorious beaches of the Gulf Coast, there is nothing similar. Long story short, she has a friend who has a house there and may rent it out. I gave her my contact info. and we will see if she contacts me. I can only imagine this call to her friend " Hey Pete, so I met this nice girl, Taylor, at the Crew today and she and her friends are looking for a place in Port A. Can they stay at your house? No I don't know her but she seemed responsible" Too be continued...

These sperrys are also the bomb diggity..and yes I am bringing that phrase back!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

24 Diner

Tonight I checked out 24 Diner with my friends L and M. Overall thoughts= it was decent. They had been written up about this Roasted Banana and Brown Sugar shake and it was by far the best thing. M and I split it and that was plenty. Very rich but so yummy. The rest of the meal was fine but nothing to wild crazy and new. M had the waffles which is what I went into the evening wanting but then saw a burger that caught my fancy. Waffle was okay but not what I thought it would be. That being said, I am not sure the last time I had a waffle. L had the pulled chicken sandwich and liked it but thought it would be better on different bread. My burger was good and made from ground brisket. Fries were also good and we tried the mac and cheese. The waiter said it was amazing, and well clearly he has never had really good mac and cheese. I like to consider myself a bit of a mac and cheese expert. Mainly because I love it and because 2ish years ago I planned a mac and cheese taste test. Anyway, it just wasn't that good. Too runny and was missing something in the flavor and it was weird to have big chunks of green onion chopped and sitting on the top. Waiter man, don't think this is the best. There is much better out there, including a personal favorite Lubys!

By far the best part of the meal was the conversation. Given a little more time and not feeling like we were getting the evil for holding the table hostage for 3 hours, I am pretty sure we could have solved world hunger or balanced the nations budget. Next time ladies!

No, this was not tonight but the picture really shows off my love of nautical and anchors and L's not being embarrassed of my stellar style! Plus in discussing blogs we all agreed that pictures were necessary.

1st Time

So it's my first time blogging. Why me? Well I thought about starting a blog the other day and then decided I didn't have enough time. Fast forward 2 weeks and having 4+ people tell me I should start a blog I thought sure, why not. So here we go.

Why anchors and argyle? Because they are 2 of my favorite things. I love argyle. Classic, preppy, and usually has the color combo option of pink and green aka one of my favorites. And then the anchors, who doesn't like anchors? They are all over the place these days but my love of anchors and all things nautical came long before the trend of this season.

Don't worry, this blog won't just talk about my love of anchors and argyle, it will be about so much more. New places I have tried in Austin, experiences, funny stories, my likes, dislikes, books, shoes, karaoke. Pretty much whatever I feel like. My normal 8-5 usually provides ample entertainment in the form of people wearing sweatpants and/or PJ pants to work so I am sure there will be lots of comments about that. Hope you enjoy!!