Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mall Massage

I have never understood the little chairs you can sit in face down and pay the person in the mall to give you a massage. 1) those little face holes have got to be dirty. I am not some germaphobe but I don't want my face being on something that 100's of unwashed faces have been on. 2) how relaxing is it to get a massage with people walking around, most likely talking about you while the cart next to you is trying to get every person that walks by to try the hand lotion. No thank you.

Tonight I went to Barton Creek Mall and was walking by the massage station and was treated to not only butt crack but the top of some cheeks by the massage lady. She was rocking the butt cleavage which is cleavage no one ever wants to see. A new marketing trick? Yes Miss, now that I have seen the larger part of your back side will you please rub my back?

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