Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Power of Target

I love Target, like most warm blooded American women. They have great deals though it is dangerous since I can’t seem to leave without spending 100 dollars or more. A month ago the Cynthia Vincent shoes came out and I went to 7 Targets total looking for some of the shoes. At Target #5 I found one pair. After Target #7 I gave up and if I find the other pair I want then it was meant to be but 7 Targets in Austin may be my limit. I am stopping in FW on my way to Oklahoma for a bachelorette party in the beginning of June so I may be popping into some Targets along the way to see if they have them. It would be silly to not try

But I am off topic. The power of Target, the power to create new friendships. I just completed my provisional year of the JL and our provisional project was in a food pantry packing these backpacks for an entire elementary school where 98% of the kids were on assisted lunch. I signed up for lots of the same shifts, like Wednesday nights. I was not the only one who did that. I didn’t know anyone in the JL when I joined and being the friendly person I am, I would chit chat with everyone. One girl in particular and I got along very well. It was over Target. LE, soon to be LG, and I talked about the Gossip Girl line by Anna Sui that was coming to Target and how excited we were. We both pulled out our day planners and showed each other that we both had the release date on our calendars. Double points that we both had Franklin Coveys! Well at that point the bond was formed and the rest is history, especially since the clothing turned out to not be that cute. We are going to be friends for life! Maybe I should write Target a thank you note while also including that we would like Issac Mizrahi to return.

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