Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Crew

Today I worked for a bit at my part time gig at the Crew. I have some credit card debt that I acquired due to my love of shopping/potentially a shopping addiction and I work in a clothing store to pay it off. I know it makes next to no sense but the idea of me waitresses as a part time gig is laughable. I have done the retail thing before and it helps you work on your patience and really be on the lookout for good customer service or hyper aware of some bad customer service. So today I met a very nice lady, Nancy. We talked about a million things while I was on hold ordering her some clothes. She now knows my mother tells me to make good choices and I know that her son has a foot that is 1.5 sizes smaller than the other, or one is 1.5 sizes larger depending on how you look at it.

We bonded and were BFF's for 20 mins. She mentioned she is going to Brazil in Oct. and I said "Oh I have a similar vacation planned as well, but it is Port Aransas in July" For those of you familiar with the glorious beaches of the Gulf Coast, there is nothing similar. Long story short, she has a friend who has a house there and may rent it out. I gave her my contact info. and we will see if she contacts me. I can only imagine this call to her friend " Hey Pete, so I met this nice girl, Taylor, at the Crew today and she and her friends are looking for a place in Port A. Can they stay at your house? No I don't know her but she seemed responsible" Too be continued...

These sperrys are also the bomb diggity..and yes I am bringing that phrase back!

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