Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hoarders Lair

My friend AJS claims I am a hoarder. This is all based on the time she and her dog Quinn came over and Quinn got syphilis. It is not what you are thinking by the way. A few years ago my mom got my brother and I stuffed animal STD’s for Christmas and put them in the stocking. I guess technically the STD’s came from Santa???
So I got syphilis and it had disappeared somewhere under a pile of clothes or under my bed. AJS likes to say Quinn was “having so much fun playing Global Guts because your bedroom was like the Agro Crag” So Quinn comes back into the living room with syphilis in his mouth and then I explain the whole story about Christmas etc. Naturally the conversation then turns to me being a hoarder. I have told her she is wrong since I have seen the show before and they always find dead cats in the kitchen and that hasn’t happened to me. To which she says “Yet”. I mean it is not possible since I despise cats. And I am not a hoarder. I have taken to calling my apt the Hoarders Lair, more for the humor factor.

Cute little guy isn't he?

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