Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st Time

So it's my first time blogging. Why me? Well I thought about starting a blog the other day and then decided I didn't have enough time. Fast forward 2 weeks and having 4+ people tell me I should start a blog I thought sure, why not. So here we go.

Why anchors and argyle? Because they are 2 of my favorite things. I love argyle. Classic, preppy, and usually has the color combo option of pink and green aka one of my favorites. And then the anchors, who doesn't like anchors? They are all over the place these days but my love of anchors and all things nautical came long before the trend of this season.

Don't worry, this blog won't just talk about my love of anchors and argyle, it will be about so much more. New places I have tried in Austin, experiences, funny stories, my likes, dislikes, books, shoes, karaoke. Pretty much whatever I feel like. My normal 8-5 usually provides ample entertainment in the form of people wearing sweatpants and/or PJ pants to work so I am sure there will be lots of comments about that. Hope you enjoy!!

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