Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Importance of the Handwritten Letter

When I originally thought about writing a blog I wanted to call it “The Importance of the Handwritten Letter” but that is a little bit long and doesn’t really flow off the tongue, but it is another one of my loves. The way to make my day is to send me a letter, not an email. No one really does it anymore and I love getting something other than bills and catalogues in the mail. The other great part about letters or cards is the stationary. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stationary. I can’t get enough of it. If money grew on trees and I had a larger apt. I would have tons of stationary.

The best card I brought lately was for my BFF CP’s birthday. We always joke about emoticons and how I hate them and think they are beyond stupid. I don’t get them, unless it is the cute one that is a lobster looking thing. So instead of using them I may say in an email to her “insert happy face emoticon” which I think is much better. I digress. I was wandering around Target and stocking up on birthday cards and found the best, most perfect card ever. It was covered in emoticons.

Thank you Papyrus!

I love these pink and green Lily Pulitzer cards. Very fresh and bright and remind me of my good friend LE, soon to be LG, who loves her some Lily as well as the combo of pink and green.

These would be perfect for my Knotty Nautical Party!

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the handwritten note. Such an art! And sadly, a forgotten one at that. But thanks to stationary stores that seem to be popping up everywhere, my supply of adorable correspondence cards, invitations, etc. will never go low!! In Dallas, my go-to spot for festive and fun is Papersource; for the more elegant affair, I head straight to the Write Selection

    I'm terribly obsessed with letterpress printing and calligraphy.