Thursday, March 31, 2011

matchmaker matchmaker make me a match

Ladies and Gents I might be a for reals legit matchmaker very soon. Here's the lowdown. I was working last night at the Crew and a little nugget of a man came in looking for clothes. I say nugget because its a word my friend AS uses. Continuing on, anyway he was talking about how its not easy to find clothes sometimes as a shorter man, and he was shorter than me. He was saying how he has accepted it and a girl who would like him wouldn't be bothered by it. I said oh my friend A would love you. So we got to talking. Long story short I got his phone number for AS and she best be contacting him. He was employed, in good shape, friendly, well dressed and hey why not. I will keep y'all posted on how this plays out but I think we have potential for some good stories in the future for sure and perhaps a love connection.

A change of plans

Lent = no shopping. Okay, we are changing it up a bit. Before you go thinking I have fallen off the wagon and bought something, you are wrong. EF talked me off the ledge last night at the Crew when there was a necklace on sale I decided I had to have. I will consider it if it is still around when I am shopping again. Thanks for being the voice of reason EF. Said necklace: Totes great necklace right?? The change of plans involves me not shopping for a longer period of time. I stopped shopping a bit before Lent and think I will continue not shopping a bit after it, for a grand total of 60 days. I can do it. My debt is already saying thank you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotted at the gym

A man wearing khaki cargo shorts with a tucked in button down and a belt. Also sporting socks and open toe slip on Crocs. He was getting on the bike but I was really left wondering what kind of workout you could get in with an open back shoe on. Not to mention the belt can't be that comfortable.


Occasionally for work I get to do some recruiting. We are currently in a hiring freeze so we are not recruiting for jobs at the moment but promoting our internship program.. Oh how I love to attend these job fairs. Mainly I like to attend because you get to chitchat with lots of people but I also enjoy seeing what the "kids" these days are wearing. I say kids because I don't feel like I am so far apart in age from them but attending these things I suddenly start to feel old. I understand if you forgot about the job fair and have on shorts and a tshirt that you were to class. What I don't get was the girl in the black satin strapless dress.

Homegirl could have been going to prom or the club. The worst part was she picked the outfit specifically for this event. I had to stop myself from walking up to her and offering a little bit of wisdom.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Important Things

Can we talk about something very important?


This super food and I are having a love affair. Now that butternut squash season is over I have been looking for a new veggie to obsess over and congrats Kale, I think you are the one. Whole Foods makes this amazing Summer Kale Salad that I have been getting every week. It's Kale, craisins, silvered almonds, and some sort of lemony vinaigrette. I my quest to figure out how to make this at home I came across a similar recipe that also had granny smith apples in it. YES please! I am not much of a cook but this might be my new go to meal for events. I have been invite aka invited myself to Easter brunch at a friends house and I think this might be something I bring. That and I am great at cutting up fruit for fruit salad.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Seriously the best show

Pretty Little Liars. Yes, the show on ABC Family is probably one of the best shows on tv. It's well written and I definitely had a convo about it with a 6th grader but whatever, this is the shit. I want to know who A is and the plot keeps thickening. Tonight was the season finale so you will need to catch reruns or buy it on itunes but no matter what don't say I didn't tell you to watch this.

Just a thought

Have you ever had a crush on someone then see them later and wonder why you had a crush on them? Yes this is vague to protect the innocence though I am pretty sure they don't know I have this most wonderful awesome blog. It felt good to not be crushing on them anymore since they didn't like me in the first place. Everyone wins.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not to focus on Bethenny...

But this dude Nick on Bethenny Ever After rox my world. Yep, thats rox with an X. He is ackward and amazing. I hope we see more of him this year!
Oh and he has a blog!

Shot Out

I found out the other day EF was reading my blog. I had no idea. I mean I only have 13 followers but it never occured to me that there might be 10's maybe 100's of people reading my blog that are not legitly following it. For the record I very strongly doubt that statement is factual. More like 2 maybe 3 people. I told her I would give her a shot out on the blog and here it is. Thanks for reading and can't wait to find if you appropriatly rubbed up against Jake G. at Big Boi last night.

Nerd Herd

There are a few times of year, well really two, where I feel not with it and dorky. One of those times is right now, SXSW here in the ATX. The other is ACL. I used to keep up with music. I loved to know the next new band and prided myself on being ahead of the curve. Now I want to listen to mostly mindless music aka Justin Bieber, Britney or rap. SXSW is going on and people are asking me what shows I am going to etc. I just say I am not that cool. The part of SXSW I want to take advantage of involves sitting at the Four Seasons Hotel bar and waiting to see celebrities.

This musical time of year also makes me realize I don't take advantage of this whole live music capitol of the world business that Austin has going on. I can't remember the last concert I went to but do know I will be seeing The Band Perry this weekend at the Austin rodeo. I have been to the Houston rodeo before and have been told to expect nothing like that. I have adjusted my view to the rodeo to now be some mom and pop shop in someone's backyard with a lone goat at the petting zoo. I am going with my friends LG and MG and LG is calling it a family outing. I have somehow managed to become an honorary G family member and couldn't be more excited. Airbrushed t-shirts here we come.

Friday, March 11, 2011

One of my faves is back

Ladies and gents, Bethenny Frankel is back and better than ever. Her show Bethenny Ever After is on Bravo. The clouds opened up and the angels sang to me. I love me some Bethenny Frankel. She cracks me up. She tells it like it is and he baby is pretty cute. Bless Jason Hoppy's heart for putting up with her craziness. This lady rocks my world and if she came to the ATX on a speaking engagement I will be there in a heartbeat.


I am not the most religious person. Truth be told I go to church once a year with the BFF and her family. That being said, I do like to give things up for Lent. After some long hard thinking I have come up with this years item will be giving up....Shopping. I am back on the no shopping wagon. I started yesterday so getting a head up on the competition but see you shopping after Easter. It was nice knowing you.

Oddly quiet

I just realized the other day, you know who we have not heard from in forever. Heidi and Spencer. They have really been flying under the radar and I think that's good for them. Wonder what they are up to....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Still relevant

How is Avril Lavi still relevant? I am done with her skater ass. I was done with it when she was in like 5 years ago. Her new song sounds like the old stuff aka is terrible.
Dear Avril, please go away. PS. How did you hook a hottie like Brody Jenner? He is a bit of a D but majorly ok on the eyes. And I would kind of like to touch his hair.

28 days of cardigans

I ran across a new rando blog today and she had a 28 days of cardigans challenge. I thought Oh my G she has 28 cardigans to do this challenge, then I thought...I probably have 28 cardigans as well, but not sure I want to wear them every day for 28 days, but maybe. I really need to get my closet into order because it is slowly getting out of control.

Oh and I bought this jacket at the crewand it is pretty much the bee's knees. I highly recommend all to go and get it because I am close to obssessed with it. For those of you who read the blog and live here in Austin, plan on seeing this beaut a good deal.