Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nerd Herd

There are a few times of year, well really two, where I feel not with it and dorky. One of those times is right now, SXSW here in the ATX. The other is ACL. I used to keep up with music. I loved to know the next new band and prided myself on being ahead of the curve. Now I want to listen to mostly mindless music aka Justin Bieber, Britney or rap. SXSW is going on and people are asking me what shows I am going to etc. I just say I am not that cool. The part of SXSW I want to take advantage of involves sitting at the Four Seasons Hotel bar and waiting to see celebrities.

This musical time of year also makes me realize I don't take advantage of this whole live music capitol of the world business that Austin has going on. I can't remember the last concert I went to but do know I will be seeing The Band Perry this weekend at the Austin rodeo. I have been to the Houston rodeo before and have been told to expect nothing like that. I have adjusted my view to the rodeo to now be some mom and pop shop in someone's backyard with a lone goat at the petting zoo. I am going with my friends LG and MG and LG is calling it a family outing. I have somehow managed to become an honorary G family member and couldn't be more excited. Airbrushed t-shirts here we come.

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  1. I had a nice discussion with 4 of the people that started the Austin Rodeo, my first question was, why is the Houston rodeo so much better. They said they have been trying to figure that out for 15 years.