Thursday, March 31, 2011

matchmaker matchmaker make me a match

Ladies and Gents I might be a for reals legit matchmaker very soon. Here's the lowdown. I was working last night at the Crew and a little nugget of a man came in looking for clothes. I say nugget because its a word my friend AS uses. Continuing on, anyway he was talking about how its not easy to find clothes sometimes as a shorter man, and he was shorter than me. He was saying how he has accepted it and a girl who would like him wouldn't be bothered by it. I said oh my friend A would love you. So we got to talking. Long story short I got his phone number for AS and she best be contacting him. He was employed, in good shape, friendly, well dressed and hey why not. I will keep y'all posted on how this plays out but I think we have potential for some good stories in the future for sure and perhaps a love connection.


  1. This is how you keep readers coming back for more!

  2. You are a GREAT friend! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!