Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Occasionally for work I get to do some recruiting. We are currently in a hiring freeze so we are not recruiting for jobs at the moment but promoting our internship program.. Oh how I love to attend these job fairs. Mainly I like to attend because you get to chitchat with lots of people but I also enjoy seeing what the "kids" these days are wearing. I say kids because I don't feel like I am so far apart in age from them but attending these things I suddenly start to feel old. I understand if you forgot about the job fair and have on shorts and a tshirt that you were to class. What I don't get was the girl in the black satin strapless dress.

Homegirl could have been going to prom or the club. The worst part was she picked the outfit specifically for this event. I had to stop myself from walking up to her and offering a little bit of wisdom.

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