Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Olympics

Sorry for the lack of posts. The Olympics have taken over my life. I am also obsessed with Ryan Lochte. Mainly his body and perhaps his grillz.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bachelor Pad

I don't think I am going to be doing recaps of Bachelor Pad. I know everyone is very sad but I am pretty sure I never got comments on them anyway.

That being said I was chatting about last night's episode with  AS. I was commenting on how based on the "This season on Bachelor Pad previews" that Chris was going to be quite the lady's man. I don't get this at all. He is not attractive to me. She then sent me this image in a link and said it was him. It really is uncanny how much they look alike. 

All I can say about this season is that I hope Kalon and Erica Rose stick around because they are my main source of entertainment. I will also be catty and say how in the world did Jaqui makes it on the show in the first place? Her nose job is terrible and she is not up to the normal ABC standards. Beyond not being very attractive on the outside, it was clear from this first episode that she is even uglier on the inside. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

And we are done!

the most dramatic television of the summer....I knew they would have to throw in most dramatic somewhere. They also informed me this would be 3 hrs total!! Good lord this is going to be a long night!

Ricki runs out wearing a fanny pack. I hope this is signs of great things to come. 

Emily tells Jef he looks nice. Yes, he clearly spent a lot of time picking out the white hanes pocket t! I don't have much more to say about this because I kinda zoned out/fast forwarded thru a lot of this. Like I said a few weeks ago, I am just ready for this to be over.

Enter Arie and another Henley shirt. He is to Henley shirts as Emily is to sequins. Arie, in an interesting turn, also kept all of the roses she had given him. Interesting. Not sure if I believe he really did this or just found some later and thought this might be a good idea but oh well, points for him. 

I am wondering if Emily and her mother go to the same person for botox. Neither of their foreheads seem to move. She also says she doesn't want to be the girl that has been engaged 3 times. Well here is an idea, pick a guy, but don't get engaged. See where it goes. I know this won't happen. 

They always tell her she looks amazing. This is a reality dating show and clearly they aren't going to let her look like crap! She is talking about what a big decision it is to introduce the guys to Ricki, I feel like you can't consider getting engaged to someone without them meeting your child. I am generally interesting in seeing if she let's them meet her or not. She decides to introduce him to Ricki. It just feels awkward. I am sure it is the setting and that there are all these cameras around. I also glimpsed some sort of tattoo on Jef's forearm and I am interested to know what it is. It looks like it says something but not sure what. I think Jef did well with ricki and that Arie is going to have big shoes to fill in the baby daddy situation. 

But we won't see that happen because she has decided that Jef is the one for her and Arie will not be meeting Ricki. I still have 40 mins in the show and know they will drag this out to the bitter end. Lot's more fast forwarding for me. Arie cooked something with some random lady and Emily shows up and starts crying. It's the beginning of the end for the handsome Arie. I am sure this won't be the last time we see him. I feel like he handled this well. She keeps saying this isn't what she wanted, I mean what did she think would happen and please stop crying. You are getting a great guy and Arie is getting sent home. You don't get to keep talking to him. Let him go and spare him. I felt like she was being a bit selfish.

I did really appreciate that she let him go without having him get all dressed up and propose to her. I hate when they do that. Waiting until he is down on bended knee professing his love for her before she tells him, sorry but I am picking the other dude. Future seasons take note. 

Now to Chris Harrison and the audience. I feel bad for them because they can't fast forward thru al the boring stuff. I also think they told the audience to look as sad and depressed as possible. Let the people at home think you have really been upset by the end of a relationship where you don't know either of the people. Now we will interview people in the audience like Ashley and JP. Way to drag this out ABC!

I am applauding the blue pant choice by Jef. Bold move and I approve. Emiy is getting ready in yet another sequined gown. I can only hope/assume she will wear this to the after the rose ceremony as well. Jef does look handsome in his suit. I am willing to look past the skinny tie. When she is telling him that Arie is gone and it's just them it just seems so fake or maybe she just talks fake all the time. I also think it's a bit odd that he is going to propose and she hasn't met his parents yet. Insert the well placed Neil Lane diamond box shot out. Also, do they require them to wait like 10 seconds before saying yes on the show. Ugh, this music is terrible. 

I guess I am also giving up hope on the Chris Harrison love triangle aspect. He is thanking Arie for being there. Yeah Chris, Arie doesn't really get a choice. Pretty sure that he signed a contract and that was what was required of him. Arie is so dreamy. He is going to be one of those men that grays naturally and handsomely. Like George Clooney. 

Arie and Jef have a great friendship. I really hope this means that Arie will be a groomsman. That would be amazing if we actually get to the wedding. That's a big if since pretty much none of these things work out. 

Season over, Bachelor Pad starts tomorrow. Thank god! Que the drama and the fights. Bring on Erica Rose and her tiaras! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Alexander Day

Folks, yesterday was a total Alexander Day. I learned one of the jobs that applied for went with another candidate. For what felt like the 1 millionth time, I have been passed over. 

I also made tuna salad for lunch today that I was rather excited about. It smelled a bit fishy this morning but I thought that was because I was making it while barely awake. That was not the case. I  think it was bad tuna and instead of risking my life to eat it, I threw it away. I had a backup soup to make, Butternut Squash bisque. In a word, yuck. Way too sweet. I was left with no options and starving. Enter the work cafeteria that I just get hot water from. Today I got a PB&J sandwich because it was pretty much all that was left but really hit the spot. 

While getting the sandwich I ran into a co-worker I hadn't seen in a while. He asked how I was I said having an Alexander day, he didn't get my reference. I have been thinking about his no good very bad day since. I called my mom about the bad tuna, because from Houston she was going to be able to solve my bad tuna issue. I was in a less than pleasant mood. I texted her shortly thereafter to apologize and said I was having an Alexander Day. She understands these days. 

I hope today Alexander is nowhere near! Also, if you have never read this book, you should. It's a classic and a keeper. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Look

Anchors and Argyle got a bit of a face lift! Looking much more professional, right? This is all courtesy of the BFF. She informed me that it looked a bit ghetto and she could snaz it up for me. She did a great job and I am loving it so far. It will class up the deep posts that you have come to know and love here!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Awkward Youth

After seeing the picture of Cindy Crawford's 10 yr old modeling and seeing pictures of 13 year old Elle Fanning, I was left wondering, what happened to the awkward phase in youth? I know I didn't look like them at those ages. I had bad teeth, skin, and my fashion was no where near what they are rocking. I feel bad for today's youths. This is what they are having to keep up with. Seesh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still More Sequins!

Cuarcao. Bitch took one of the places I really want to visit. It has now been tainted by her and will never be the same. Rude!

Another week, another season recap, you know, in case you forgot from last week's recap. I had forgotten how great Jef's entrance was and that he threw his skateboard to the side after skating in on it. I also liked her writing her name in the sand and then the water washing it away. So deep. It probably took her about 6 shots to get this right.

First date is with Sean. She is upset he hasn't said he loves her yet. If I was in charge he would probably be my pick based on his lack of throwing out the L word. He doesn't know how or when he is going to tell her. I vote tell her as you push her off the helicopter. That would be perfect. Instead, she just keeps hinting at it. Ugh. Annoying. He wrote Ricki a letter. That is pretty sweet but moving on to THE FANTASY SUITE LETTER!!! aka the moment I have been waiting for. Bring on the petal covered floors and hot tub scene. Or just a hot tub. She wants to set a good example for her daughter so she sends him home and doesn't let him stay the night. Perhaps the better example would have been not being on these shows to begin with??

Jef is up now. How will this weather will affect his hair. They go on a boat etc. Now they have time to chat and  I appreciate that he is asking questions. This sounds silly but I feel like he is the only one who asked her anything. Also, this is the second date where the sound of the crickets or whatever in the background is sooooo freaking loud. Did this drive anyone else crazy?

Last but not least, Arie. I feel a lot of lust between them. For sure the strongest sexual connection. There was also a close up of them kissing on the boat and I thought that he might be eating her face. Also, might I note that Arie has got some sexy hair. He kinda just oozes sex appeal. Again with the role model part. She keeps making out with all of them. What does she think that will say?

I also found this than stellar picture of Arie. I also found his mug shot from 2008 and he looked better in that, than this!

Chris Harrison posted on facebook today to have the tissue's for the end of the episode. Can't wait to see what happens. blah blah blah, she talks to Chris Harrison, who is now not wearing his wedding ring. Now for the private video message. I wonder if I was the only one who's mind went close to the gutter with the mention of that statement. 

Still impressed with her ability to find so many sequined outfits. Way to own the look though.

I wish Sean would have stepped it up a bit in the fashion department but I am guessing he was packing light for the trip. He should have packed a bit of sunscreen as well. I am also wondering what is up with Emily's bird necklace thingy. Yuck. 

I have no idea who will be sent home. Maybe Arie because it's just lust? That's all I've got folks.

But instead it is Sean. I guess the plus is he is still available for single Dallas ladies and he is a catch. Too good for her. The she offers to walk him out and then just sits in silence waiting for him to say something. Painful. Now she is crying and this just doesn't feel fair to him. Please walk away Sean. You have handled this so well so far.

Men Tell All is next week. I am looking forward to it. More men, less Emily.

For the record, Chris Harrison, the tissues went unused! I think it's Arie for the win!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Patting myself on the back

Please bear with me while I go ahead and shamelessly promote a good deed I have been doing lately. 

It's crazy, so brace yourself. It's called.....

Making your bed. 

That's right lady and gents, I have been making my bed every morning for the past few weeks. The sheets aren't nicely tucked in or anything under the comforter but it's pulled up and pillows on the the bed. It's crazy how much more pulled together it makes my place look. You just have to ignore the shoes and discarded outfits to get the full effect. 

I hoped by putting it on the interwebs it would make my commitment to this task a little bit more long lasting. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

How many episodes are left??

Not sure how great the recap will be tonight since I am pretty much done with the season. I just don't care. Bring on Bachelor Pad!!

Emily returns home to Ricki. She runs downstairs and I don't see Emily thank anyone for watching her so I'm lead to believe she was home alone. Great mom!

First up we have to recap the season, which I fast forward through. I watched season so I don't want to waste 5ish mins seeing it recapped. Now to sleep with our full hair and makeup on. 

Now for the dates. Chicago with crazy eyed Chris. I don't feel hopeful for him as he talks about her being happy in Chicago. He missed the memo in the first episode about how she and Ricki will never leave Charlotte. Rookie mistake. Now we are at the family home and she is wearing a t-shirt over a button down shirt. This reminds me of freshman year of high school when there was a girl who would wear a shirt or tank over our uniform shirts. It was an interesting look to say the least. I do love that he tells his mom he was a hot mess. Nice. He tells her he loves her and per usual on the show she doesn't reciprocate. Now for a polish party and cheap carnations. He says his family loves her to. How is this  possible they just met her!!

Jef, in the middle of nowhere, or where you might dump a body, is very excited to see her. Sarcasm aside, the ranch is super pretty and now she will see more via the buggy ride. Also for him being so timid with the kissing in the beginning he is going balls to the wall now. His skinny jeans were such a tease for what he really is into which is guns and dude stuff. Emily also takes gun lessons. Ugh. Seriously over this. I do like Jef's older brother and his whole family. They seem very nice and down to earth. I also noticed that Emily spends a lot of time fixing her hair. 

Arie at the race track. With a cammo car. I guess due to the National Guard sponsorship. Looking stupid hot, like she said. He is hot and his family is big, and rude. Rude like talking in Dutch in front of her when she doesn't speak Dutch. Now the mom is wanting to get the goods on what happened with her and Brad! Next.

When do the fantasy suites happen? Next week? those were always a fave time for me. The decision to seem like a good girl on tv or go and do some heavy petting and see if there is a spark more than kissing. 

To Dallas with Sean we go. I like Sean. He is my dark horse. He didn't stand out a ton in the beginning to me but has been growing on me episode by episode. If she doesn't pick him I want to go stalk him in Dallas. She also uses the word perfect too much. In fact, I hope she doesn't pick her. He can do better. It's a freaking sweet kids play house in the backyard. It's bigger than my apartment. And he lives at home. She going back on every time they had after she finds this out. His room is like a big child's room. The stuffed animals were weird...but this is just a joke. Lame. I wish he lived at home. She also calls him Honey. This running down the street part is so staged. Her windows had to have been rolled up so I know she didn't hear his weak yelling.

Final rose ceremony, it's the hardest rose ceremony, blah blah blah. Chris gets sent home. I won't act surprised. I read he was going to be on Bachelor Pad so this was to be expected. I am just curious to see who she picks and if they are together or is she with Chris Harrison, which is one of the crazy rumors I ahve heard. Chris I think the other reason you went home was because you tried to rewear a tie from the time you were a groomsman. Teal silky and pocket square. Horrible!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Successful Status Updates

These are just my thoughts, so I am sure everyone else agrees with them

1. Are funny
2. Announce something exciting
3. Feature pink pants and fun shoes. Trust me, I got great response here
4. Random pictures of funny or interesting things you have seen. My friend AM has this down to a science and always sees fantastic stuff.
5. Interesting/teach you something you didn't know. I love some random factoids so bring them on.
6. Comment on your co-workers. This is also where I shine. I also work in a terrible place with endless stories to mention. I do my people a favor and limit it to the really good stuff, like bagels and finger nail cutting.  

They are not
1. Oversharing. No I don't care or feel sorry for you about this!
2. Whiny. Probably means I am going to screen your call later if you call.
3. Political. Quasi is ok but I have a FB friend who is so anti-Obama. I am not politicial at all but their constant trashing of him is just old and overdone. Get a new shtick. 
4. Trashy. Nothing is worst than those perimeter friends you have. Very different from you and dress trashy. I take that back. These are good updates. They provide me with lots of entertainment. 

Ok think that sums it up. Aren't you glad this was a second post and not included in the first.