Monday, July 23, 2012

And we are done!

the most dramatic television of the summer....I knew they would have to throw in most dramatic somewhere. They also informed me this would be 3 hrs total!! Good lord this is going to be a long night!

Ricki runs out wearing a fanny pack. I hope this is signs of great things to come. 

Emily tells Jef he looks nice. Yes, he clearly spent a lot of time picking out the white hanes pocket t! I don't have much more to say about this because I kinda zoned out/fast forwarded thru a lot of this. Like I said a few weeks ago, I am just ready for this to be over.

Enter Arie and another Henley shirt. He is to Henley shirts as Emily is to sequins. Arie, in an interesting turn, also kept all of the roses she had given him. Interesting. Not sure if I believe he really did this or just found some later and thought this might be a good idea but oh well, points for him. 

I am wondering if Emily and her mother go to the same person for botox. Neither of their foreheads seem to move. She also says she doesn't want to be the girl that has been engaged 3 times. Well here is an idea, pick a guy, but don't get engaged. See where it goes. I know this won't happen. 

They always tell her she looks amazing. This is a reality dating show and clearly they aren't going to let her look like crap! She is talking about what a big decision it is to introduce the guys to Ricki, I feel like you can't consider getting engaged to someone without them meeting your child. I am generally interesting in seeing if she let's them meet her or not. She decides to introduce him to Ricki. It just feels awkward. I am sure it is the setting and that there are all these cameras around. I also glimpsed some sort of tattoo on Jef's forearm and I am interested to know what it is. It looks like it says something but not sure what. I think Jef did well with ricki and that Arie is going to have big shoes to fill in the baby daddy situation. 

But we won't see that happen because she has decided that Jef is the one for her and Arie will not be meeting Ricki. I still have 40 mins in the show and know they will drag this out to the bitter end. Lot's more fast forwarding for me. Arie cooked something with some random lady and Emily shows up and starts crying. It's the beginning of the end for the handsome Arie. I am sure this won't be the last time we see him. I feel like he handled this well. She keeps saying this isn't what she wanted, I mean what did she think would happen and please stop crying. You are getting a great guy and Arie is getting sent home. You don't get to keep talking to him. Let him go and spare him. I felt like she was being a bit selfish.

I did really appreciate that she let him go without having him get all dressed up and propose to her. I hate when they do that. Waiting until he is down on bended knee professing his love for her before she tells him, sorry but I am picking the other dude. Future seasons take note. 

Now to Chris Harrison and the audience. I feel bad for them because they can't fast forward thru al the boring stuff. I also think they told the audience to look as sad and depressed as possible. Let the people at home think you have really been upset by the end of a relationship where you don't know either of the people. Now we will interview people in the audience like Ashley and JP. Way to drag this out ABC!

I am applauding the blue pant choice by Jef. Bold move and I approve. Emiy is getting ready in yet another sequined gown. I can only hope/assume she will wear this to the after the rose ceremony as well. Jef does look handsome in his suit. I am willing to look past the skinny tie. When she is telling him that Arie is gone and it's just them it just seems so fake or maybe she just talks fake all the time. I also think it's a bit odd that he is going to propose and she hasn't met his parents yet. Insert the well placed Neil Lane diamond box shot out. Also, do they require them to wait like 10 seconds before saying yes on the show. Ugh, this music is terrible. 

I guess I am also giving up hope on the Chris Harrison love triangle aspect. He is thanking Arie for being there. Yeah Chris, Arie doesn't really get a choice. Pretty sure that he signed a contract and that was what was required of him. Arie is so dreamy. He is going to be one of those men that grays naturally and handsomely. Like George Clooney. 

Arie and Jef have a great friendship. I really hope this means that Arie will be a groomsman. That would be amazing if we actually get to the wedding. That's a big if since pretty much none of these things work out. 

Season over, Bachelor Pad starts tomorrow. Thank god! Que the drama and the fights. Bring on Erica Rose and her tiaras! 

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