Friday, July 6, 2012

How many episodes are left??

Not sure how great the recap will be tonight since I am pretty much done with the season. I just don't care. Bring on Bachelor Pad!!

Emily returns home to Ricki. She runs downstairs and I don't see Emily thank anyone for watching her so I'm lead to believe she was home alone. Great mom!

First up we have to recap the season, which I fast forward through. I watched season so I don't want to waste 5ish mins seeing it recapped. Now to sleep with our full hair and makeup on. 

Now for the dates. Chicago with crazy eyed Chris. I don't feel hopeful for him as he talks about her being happy in Chicago. He missed the memo in the first episode about how she and Ricki will never leave Charlotte. Rookie mistake. Now we are at the family home and she is wearing a t-shirt over a button down shirt. This reminds me of freshman year of high school when there was a girl who would wear a shirt or tank over our uniform shirts. It was an interesting look to say the least. I do love that he tells his mom he was a hot mess. Nice. He tells her he loves her and per usual on the show she doesn't reciprocate. Now for a polish party and cheap carnations. He says his family loves her to. How is this  possible they just met her!!

Jef, in the middle of nowhere, or where you might dump a body, is very excited to see her. Sarcasm aside, the ranch is super pretty and now she will see more via the buggy ride. Also for him being so timid with the kissing in the beginning he is going balls to the wall now. His skinny jeans were such a tease for what he really is into which is guns and dude stuff. Emily also takes gun lessons. Ugh. Seriously over this. I do like Jef's older brother and his whole family. They seem very nice and down to earth. I also noticed that Emily spends a lot of time fixing her hair. 

Arie at the race track. With a cammo car. I guess due to the National Guard sponsorship. Looking stupid hot, like she said. He is hot and his family is big, and rude. Rude like talking in Dutch in front of her when she doesn't speak Dutch. Now the mom is wanting to get the goods on what happened with her and Brad! Next.

When do the fantasy suites happen? Next week? those were always a fave time for me. The decision to seem like a good girl on tv or go and do some heavy petting and see if there is a spark more than kissing. 

To Dallas with Sean we go. I like Sean. He is my dark horse. He didn't stand out a ton in the beginning to me but has been growing on me episode by episode. If she doesn't pick him I want to go stalk him in Dallas. She also uses the word perfect too much. In fact, I hope she doesn't pick her. He can do better. It's a freaking sweet kids play house in the backyard. It's bigger than my apartment. And he lives at home. She going back on every time they had after she finds this out. His room is like a big child's room. The stuffed animals were weird...but this is just a joke. Lame. I wish he lived at home. She also calls him Honey. This running down the street part is so staged. Her windows had to have been rolled up so I know she didn't hear his weak yelling.

Final rose ceremony, it's the hardest rose ceremony, blah blah blah. Chris gets sent home. I won't act surprised. I read he was going to be on Bachelor Pad so this was to be expected. I am just curious to see who she picks and if they are together or is she with Chris Harrison, which is one of the crazy rumors I ahve heard. Chris I think the other reason you went home was because you tried to rewear a tie from the time you were a groomsman. Teal silky and pocket square. Horrible!

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