Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still More Sequins!

Cuarcao. Bitch took one of the places I really want to visit. It has now been tainted by her and will never be the same. Rude!

Another week, another season recap, you know, in case you forgot from last week's recap. I had forgotten how great Jef's entrance was and that he threw his skateboard to the side after skating in on it. I also liked her writing her name in the sand and then the water washing it away. So deep. It probably took her about 6 shots to get this right.

First date is with Sean. She is upset he hasn't said he loves her yet. If I was in charge he would probably be my pick based on his lack of throwing out the L word. He doesn't know how or when he is going to tell her. I vote tell her as you push her off the helicopter. That would be perfect. Instead, she just keeps hinting at it. Ugh. Annoying. He wrote Ricki a letter. That is pretty sweet but moving on to THE FANTASY SUITE LETTER!!! aka the moment I have been waiting for. Bring on the petal covered floors and hot tub scene. Or just a hot tub. She wants to set a good example for her daughter so she sends him home and doesn't let him stay the night. Perhaps the better example would have been not being on these shows to begin with??

Jef is up now. How will this weather will affect his hair. They go on a boat etc. Now they have time to chat and  I appreciate that he is asking questions. This sounds silly but I feel like he is the only one who asked her anything. Also, this is the second date where the sound of the crickets or whatever in the background is sooooo freaking loud. Did this drive anyone else crazy?

Last but not least, Arie. I feel a lot of lust between them. For sure the strongest sexual connection. There was also a close up of them kissing on the boat and I thought that he might be eating her face. Also, might I note that Arie has got some sexy hair. He kinda just oozes sex appeal. Again with the role model part. She keeps making out with all of them. What does she think that will say?

I also found this than stellar picture of Arie. I also found his mug shot from 2008 and he looked better in that, than this!

Chris Harrison posted on facebook today to have the tissue's for the end of the episode. Can't wait to see what happens. blah blah blah, she talks to Chris Harrison, who is now not wearing his wedding ring. Now for the private video message. I wonder if I was the only one who's mind went close to the gutter with the mention of that statement. 

Still impressed with her ability to find so many sequined outfits. Way to own the look though.

I wish Sean would have stepped it up a bit in the fashion department but I am guessing he was packing light for the trip. He should have packed a bit of sunscreen as well. I am also wondering what is up with Emily's bird necklace thingy. Yuck. 

I have no idea who will be sent home. Maybe Arie because it's just lust? That's all I've got folks.

But instead it is Sean. I guess the plus is he is still available for single Dallas ladies and he is a catch. Too good for her. The she offers to walk him out and then just sits in silence waiting for him to say something. Painful. Now she is crying and this just doesn't feel fair to him. Please walk away Sean. You have handled this so well so far.

Men Tell All is next week. I am looking forward to it. More men, less Emily.

For the record, Chris Harrison, the tissues went unused! I think it's Arie for the win!

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