Sunday, July 31, 2011

The BR

I used to be a big fan of Banana Republic but lately like the past 2 years, they just don't make the cut. I mean what the F is this below???

Guess who's back on the market

This hunk a monk!
Praise sweet baby Jesus!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Looking around on the interwebs today I came across some manicure ideas. How Igot here, no idea but I came across this horror of a paint job?
I mean really. Tacky with a capital T!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


My friend JK told me about a picture of Ke$ha on refinery 29 looking normal. Like not a hot mess with glitter and looking like she bathed in grease. Like a human being. I was skeptical. And then I saw this and was convinced. Someone should tell homegirl to clean up more often! That and she might want to touch up her roots.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hunger Games

I have talked about how much I loved The Hunger Games series already so I won't dwell on the fabulousness of it. I will say that I am currently rereading them and just read online about the new poster or online poster for the movie. It got me thinking. I think I will buy my tickets ahead of time and go see it at the midnight showing next March. I know this is a lot of planning in advance but I figured I might as well put it on my radar now. Any of my blog readers want to come with? See you March 2012!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh yes!

What you would have seen had you walked by my cube today while I was rocking out toNSYNC's God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ok I am in the middle of watching the Bachelorette right now as I type. We are on the JP date and she has kissed him more than the other 3 fools added together. I also want to know why they can't just let them have some quality alone time. Make out or whatever so they can see if there is chemistry. Talk more, something. An overnight in a hotel, whatever. Just a thought.
Also, and it's been awhile since I had seen this show, but she seems to think that this would all be a bust if she wasn't engaged. I mean maybe be happy you found someone you like and want to get to know more. Again, just a thought.

I would love to see a season where she picks one, dates them and per usual it doesn't work out and thus goes back to one of her back up mens. That would be the season.

For the record, the men below are my 2 front runners and the dvred episode hasn't ended yet. If she doesn't pick one of them I would gladly take her scraps. Constantine and JP best of luck! Or really not because then you would be taken.

I met a celebrity

No, this won't be a rehashing about the time I met Perez Hilton 4ish years ago, though that was amazing too.
The other weekend at the crew I was
working the cashwrap, aka the register for those of you who have never worked retail. So I was ringing people up and this girl and guy get in line. And I know the
girl. I mean not know her personally but I read her blog. I was trying to play it cool and didn't want to weird her out. I finished ringing them up and before she walked away I said " I don't
mean to sound creepy but I really love your blog" She seemed not weirded out and like she was a bit flattered. Who was this girl that I met? It was her

I really love her blog and have gotten some good ideas for new outfits from her blog. That is why I read these fashion blogs to figure out some new and interesting ways to wear my hair..err clothes. Zoolander reference there, anyone?
I am sure she doesn't read my blog but on the off chance Kendi happens to run across it, thanks for being so friendly and not weirded out by me. I appreciate and will continue to read!

Baby Hank is back

OMG baby Hank is still freaking precious. If my #1 baby friend A wasn't already betrothed to another I would be working on setting up a meet and greet for her and Hank. I also wear as much makeup as Kendra when I go to the park.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smart Cookie

That Lauren Conrad is a smart cookie. She took her fleeting reality tv show success and turned it into something great. I mean the same can't be said about those people who are still participating on The Challenge on MTV. I have not read Lauren's books but they are on my very long list of books I want to read. Come to think of it I think I might add her to my list at the library today. Something new that she is doing and I am all about is her website The Beauty Department. Lots of interesting tips etc. and really it's a pretty site that's easy to look at. If you haven't been on it before I suggest you check it out.

And yes I pick rando pictures to include on the blog but for reals I want this swimsuit she is wearing. Any of my 20 followers know where she got it from??

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The blog you have all been waiting for

After many years of not watching I jumped back on the Bachelorette ship.
A guy I quasi knew in college was going to be on the show
and I figured why not tune in
watch this wreck of a show. As it has gone on I have noticed a few things to note below.

1) The Bachelorette is far better than the Bachelor because we
only have to deal with 1 stupid girl. Yes, all the girls on the
show girl ladies a bad name and Ashley is not helping our cause either. Really with all the
Bentley stuff? T
he best thing
about him was his very touchable hair. That was all.

2) Ashley has never met a backless shirt or cut out back shirt she hasn't liked. Cue your memory and remember back.
Last episode had at least 2 of them

3) Same can be said of the jegging or a skinny jean. I get it, your thighs don't touch and
probably have never touched. Maybe try a trouser jean to spice it up.

4) On the last episode you were walking all around Taiwan, or wherever you are currently.
You made Ben carry you. Maybe you should have wo
rn flats and not high heels

5) Ben and Constantine are twins right? If not, they are at least related some how
because they look almost identical.

6) Whoever plans these dates should be fired. We start the season off with a fake
wedding? The better response from the dude would have been to say thanks but no thanks this
this terrible. She called it the most romantic date ever but it was just the first episode so
there would be more romantic ones to follow. Like the fake engagement pictures one. That was another weird one. I mean
doing this ridic dates means when you finally get together in the real world that basic date at the local Chili's will be hard to

7) Chris Harrison is the I have already
blogged about him but I truly think he is the best and it
probably shaking his head off screen at the stupid Ashley.
I just envision him and his family chilling during the week while the Ashley is dating. He gets the call that it's rose ceremony time and shows up for his max 2 hrs of work. Love you Chris Harrison. Best gig ever.

8) No cocktail hour this week?? WTF Ashley. Let the mens have their drinks and fake convos with each other while waiting to talk to you.

9) Ryan is gone. Thank goodness. He was weird but I did learn something new about a water heater and that knowledge will stay with me long after the memory of him has faded.

10) I think the show should have made the dog peeing on the love lantern or whatever it was be part of the show for real, not just at the end.
Stay tuned for my comments next week when it's the ever dramatic hometown dates.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

life changing

I am a little late to the technology game. My cell
phone is greater than 2 years old and the only reason I got it then was because my hand me down phone from the BFF
broke and they didn't make that model anymore, or in the last year and a half they told me in a judgemental way when I
asked for it then. Lately I have been wanting an iphone.
I didn't jump on the iphone bandwagon before because it was only with AT&T and while I love my Uverse, I am not crazy about their cell phone reception. Now that Verizon has the iphone I kind of really want it. Some days the BFF and a few others get picture of my outfit of the day and an iphone quality picture would be a vast improvement over my pictures now. Not to mention, maybe you blog readers would be interested in the craziness I wear to work and see at work. I would be able to post it all from my handy dandy phone. I think my vocabulary would grow with words with friends and I played angry birds the other day and it seemed pretty fun too.
So long story short, I think an iphone is in my near future. Which means I better start looking for a cute iphone cover now. Any of my technology savvy readers know if a new iphone is coming out in the next few months that I should wait on? This question is mainly directed to JC since he is my go to for techonology questions and one of my better readers and commenters.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Calling from the cube next to me

Sometimes a co-worker calls me from the cube next to me. I can hear the echo of her calling and her voice in her cube as well as over the phone. Would it be hard to just walk over and ask me whatever she is calling about? I guess so.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ohhhh City of Austin

Dear City of Austin,
What is up with changing S. Congress to back in parking? Worst idea ever. Can we please change it back?


Friday, July 8, 2011

Honey Whiskey

Have you had Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey? Oh sweet baby Jesus it's yummy! On the rocks with just a splash of water it's kind of like summer in a very cool glass. Please go and try ASAP!

Best Fro Yo ever!

To all who are reading this blog, please do yourself a favor and run to a Yogurtland for the best frozen yogurt you could ever hope to have. One just opened in Austin on Anderson Lane aka right in my hood, but it's a chain so see if your city if lucky enough to have one. You will not be disappointed.
What makes Yogurtland so great you might be asking? Well pretty much everything. The flavors are amazing. I have pretty much tried them all and have purchased Cinnamon Graham Cracker, Toasted Coconut, NY Cheesecake, and Carmel Almond Bar. I would get them all again too. There is no weird after taste once you are done. You just want more fro yo. They are also the cheapest per ounce, or at least that is what they told me and I am inclined to believe them. They also had super good toppings but really this fro yo is so good you could go sans toppings and be very happy. They had carmel sauce so I was happy. Also, random side note, they have super amazing spoons. Random compliment but I likey.
Long story short, hustle your buns over to the Yogurtland near you. You will not be disappointed.