Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Always be my baby

While my ipod shuffled me to this Mariah classic I was reminded of something. I told DS and AH that I thought Mariah would be having her twin baby friends this month. So sister, I am going to need you to deliver on this because they think I am on the cutting edge of celeb gossip and having this prediction not be accurate would really set me back. Please and thank you. I see a Hello Kitty or butterfly themed room in these kiddos future.

Monday, February 21, 2011

When I grow up

Anyone else want to look like Brooklyn Decker when they grow up?

Spotted at work

I should start off saying this outfit was seen from the back only but I can attest to the fact that it was probably just as bad from the front, if not worst.

Let's start at the bottom. White sketckers shapeups. No this was not a Kardashin in a commercialLoose dark denim jeansTunicy top with a jungleish pattern. Really that is being nice. I think she was wearing a spring dress and thought the jeans underneath made it work appropriate.Black cardigan.

Black cardigan being the best part of the outfit. I wish I had a camera but I am sure you get the idea here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The beauty of the cameraphone

What did people do before the camera phone? Prime example. This picture below is a picture of my friend KD's shoes. Why did I get a picture of her shoes, because I asked if it was too early in the season to wear nude heels to which she told me she was currently wearing nude and then sent the picture. I now want her shoes and will be wearing my new Target nude heels tomorrow. These beauts! If they are comfortable and this all works out well I might be purchasing them in additional colors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Likes vs Dislikes

Likes: Britney Spears new track "Hold it Against me"

Dislike: Lady Gaga's new song " " I can't remember it's name but it's all over the radio and I change the station everytime it comes on. I am not even sure it will grow on me

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am getting caught up on Gossip Girl and must say I am not a fan of this whole Serena/Ben coupling. It might be because I don't think he is cute because, well I don't. Or because I just think it is stupid because I think that as well. Perhaps I am not loving this show as much as I once did. I do still love to see all of the outfits they wear. Makes me wish my money try was growing faster...

Oh and I want more Blair. She's my fave

late to the party

I am not going to claim I have the best taste in music. In fact many would say it is terrible. It's filled with lots of pop ( I love me some B. Spears) and rap (the hit throw it in the bag anyone??). I go as far as to say Ignition (remix) by R. Kelly is my favorite song. It is. If you have not heard it you must have been living under a rock or if you don't like it, I question your taste in other things in life as well. All this aside, I have now listened to the new Kanye album and its mucho bueno. I also purchased the Nicki Minaj album and it is also good. So for what my musical suggestions are worth, I would recommend purchases these musical items from ITunes or Napster, whatever the kids are using these days. This new music is making my never ending work excel project be slightly more bearable. I should mention I have been staring at this excel project since early December. Who knew excel went up to 40,000 lines. I do know and I really hope my self-imposed timeline of having it done before Feb. is over will be realized. Happy Jamming!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot Mess

Girlfriend you have been looking a hot mess lately. Divorce is not suiting you. Get some sleep and dress less skanky. You are still a good singer.



Happy Valentines

Hope all my bloggy friends, holler I'm up to 13, have/had a wonderful Valentines day. I got to spend it with this precious baby nugget.

This, my blogging friends, in my baby friend Avery and she is the best. She belongs to my friends Annie and David and she has pretty much stolen everyone's heart who has met her. David jokes that my friend Debika and I are are fan club and it's pretty much accurate. What can we say, we love her and it doesn't hurt that she is so freaking cute. And in case you were wondering, yes that is her real hair, not a baby toupee.

Friday, February 4, 2011


125 was the number of books I was trying to read last year. I decided about mid-March that this was going to be a goal and I tried my best but ended the year at 87 books. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I am not going to say they were all the highest quality of reading but I read them all. Well I didn't finish Oprah by Kitty Kelley but I still counted it. I figured having read 200 of the pages was the amount of a regular book so I gave myself credit. That and as much as I enjoy Oprah her life was not excited enough to me for this long of a book to have been written. If you need recommendations on books let me know since I have read a fair amount.
Looking over my list from last year here are my Top 5 or just 5 I wish to recommend.

1) The Hunger Games series. Technically this consists of 3 books but I am including them as one line item because you will read them so quickly. Sure these books are targeted at teens but I was a huge fan and loved them. Please rush out and get them

2) The Help. I am not reinventing the wheel by recommending this book but I read it in one day so clearly I enjoyed it. I plan on rereading it again this year before the movie comes out.

3) 12 Mighty Orphans. My friend JA told me about this book because he knows my love of a true sports book. This is a really great story about a football team of orphans. Run out and get it ASAP. You will not be disappointed.

4) Devil in the White City. Another true story set in Chicago during the world's fair. Very interesting and taught me a bit about a time in history that I did not know a lot about

5) The Summer we Read Gatsby. Lighthearted read. Differently for the ladies, so sorry to my one reader JC, you might not want to read this one, or The Help for that matter. A good easy well written read about life and finding love.

This year I will continue on my reading challenge and have settled in on the number 100 for the year. That seems like a reasonable amount especially considering how much I have going on. As of today I have read 6. If you have any recommendations on books I should read, comment them below and I will consider them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's chilly willy

It's cold here in Austin Texas, well it's just cold in Texas in general. If you have been on facebook and have any friends in this region I am sure their status updates have been all about this. You will notice I have said nothing. It's cold and windy but that's all here in Austin. No rain or ice or snow, so calm down. A lady at work yesterday was talking about how it was too windy to come to work, are you kidding me? I mean I would love an unexpected day of from work just as much as the next kiddo but that is just ridic. I am sure this change in weather would not have seemed so shocking and status updating worthy if it had not been 82 on Sunday and I had been laying by the pool working on my tan. Flips flops to uggs. Oh well. Now we return to our regularly scheduled programing of my random rantings on this here blog...oh wait that qualified.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crate and Barrel

Dear Crate and Barrel-
Please stop emailing me and telling me to enter your 100,000 wedding contest. I am not engaged nor do I have a beau so please so seeing if want to enter. It only makes me feel more alone.

Still taking offers of set ups with single men in Austin,