Thursday, June 28, 2012

The FB overshare

Ohh the facebook. You allow us to creepy watch our friends or frenemies online and see what they are up to, without actually having to talk to them.

Also on facebook are the oversharers. If I have become one of these people due to my love of Justin Bieber or other silly things then I apologize, but I am talking about these other people who make it worse for everyone. 

My friend sent me the status of someone she knows. Their comment was how they are trying for baby #2. What??? You just announced this to 350 of your "closest" friends? I was shocked. Now people will be asking all the time about it. what happens if there are issues or complications or God forbid you lose your baby. Do you want those 350 "friends" commenting on? What do I care. Based on my limited knowledge of this person I am sure they would post any medical issues that came up as their current status.

There was a girl I used to be friends with who posted all the time and I swear was pregnant for like 1039438 months. Her pregnancy seemed so long because I am sure she peed on the stick, told her husband, then immediately posted it as her status update. I am sure if people asked her how far along she was, that the answer was like 10 days. I ran into her at a party and evidently wasn't friendly enough to her because shortly there after I discovered she defriended me. I figured this out because my news feed was without her hourly status updates. Word on the street is that I missed the pretty much play by play of her birth and thoughts on breastfeeding. I have never been so happy to have been defriended. 

Then there is the debbie downer. The one who always has the sad story or her day or life or whatever is bad. It might be raining all over Austin but I assure you the rain is the worst where she is. Just stop. Oh and people commenting on these comments, you stop as well. You are only giving them what they want and will help to continue this horrid cycle. Just ignore it and roll your eyes like the rest of us. Or email your friend who is also friends with this person and talk about it. That is what I have been doing. I just want to shake the girl and say "Get yo shit together and stop whining about everything on FB"

This will be a 2 part series. The next part will simply be a list of ways to make a successful status update. I know you will want to back in for that. really I would just include it here but I seem like I have been a bit word heavy on the posts lately so I am saving my words for another day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

50 down..make that 51

Last night I finished my 50th book and then today I finished listening to The Mockinjay for my 51st book. 51 books done for the year. My friends know I love to read and often ask for good suggestions. I am going to post the list of the 51 books below. I am not going to claim that they are all deep reads, because they aren't but for the most part, I enjoyed every book I read. My faves are hi-lighted in yellow. Those are the books I think you need to run out and read ASAP! Obviously the Harry Potter Books and the Hunger Games books are great. I didn't include them as my tops because they were audio books this time around and I had already read them before. 

  1. The Winter of our Disconnect: I am a sucker for a book about someone else’s life and the crazy thing they decided to do.
  2. The Amazing adventures of Kavilier and Clay: Michael Chabon
  3. Shop Your Closet
  4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  5. House of Mirth
  6. The Night Circus
  7. Moon Called
  8. Explosive 18
  9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
  10. Divergent
  11. I love your Style
  12. The Magicians
  13. Escape from Saddam
  14. The Reversal- Michael Connelly
  15. Good Christian Bitches
  16. Crossed
  17. Smart Women
  18. Empire of the Summer Moons
  19. All that Remains- Patricia Cornwell
  20. I’ll Be Seeing You- Mary Higgins Clark
  21. The Paris Wife
  22. A Great and Terrible Beauty
  23. Bond Girl: Erin Duffy
  24. Defending Jacob: Great mystery and page turner.
  25. 50 Shades of Gray
  26. Rebel Angels
  27. Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted
  28. 50 Shades Darker
  29. 50 shades freed
  30. The Fame Game
  31. Taken
  32. Prodigal Summer
  33. The Hunger Games
  34. The Sweet Far Game
  35. Savannah Blues
  36. If I Stay
  37. Where She Went
  38. Maze Runner: Loved this whole series. Yes, they are young adult but well written. Other books in the series are #41 and 50
  39. Wild
  40. Wonder: One of the best most heartwarming books I have read in a very long time. It made my heart very happy.
  41. The Scorch Trials
  42. Sharp Objects
  43. Catching Fire
  44. Little Bitty Lies
  45. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  46. The Wedding Girl
  47. Insurgent
  48. Guts- Kirsten Johnston
  49. Then Came You- Jennifer Weiner
  50. The Death Cure
  51. The Mockingjay

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this week on emily is a dumdum

Tonight to the Prague we go. Poor Ricki is still back in Charlotte. Jef calls it from the beginning "Tonight is a big night" Jef, every moment is a big night. Get with the program. I joke, I like him. He probably lost rock paper scissors this week and had to give the cheesy line.

Blah blah blah, next week is hometown week. Let's focus on this week first. Insert Chris Harrison. I was hoping he would be around more this episode and I hope this is a good indicator of the episode to come. "gentleman enjoy Prague" Chris Harrison has the best deal out of it. They are forced to go on cheesy dates and I am sure he is out enjoying the sites. He seriously has the best job ever!

Contestant Chris, still has creepy eyes. Bring on the date with Arie. So handsome and when will this producer biznass hit the fan. She keeps talking about this secret. I mean just cut to the chase. Stop with the walking around kissing in your shorts with your high boots. Clearly it's not a big enough issue that you don't want to make out with him. Now Chris Harrison breaks down what Emily might be not happy about. "It's like a real life thing, not a production thing" What?? this isn't all real life Emily??? I feel so lied to. 

I am over this issue. Emily is being dramatic. Just tell him. He tells you about his lame tattoo just tell him that you know about Cassie. Geez. He must also not know the rules of tattooing someones names on them. My friends husband told me to tattoo someone name on you and have it not be bad luck they had to be dead or blood related. No wonder it didn't work out with her. Stupid Arie. Know the rules. The only plus to this situation is the extra camera time for Chris Harrison. Always a plus. Also, his shooting these little explanations, clearly has been done recently since he is sans ring. Pretty sure Arie apologizing about Cassie was a total voice over. I didn't really see his lips move while he was saying it and we were given the side shot. 

She really hopes she gets to meet his family.Ummmm she does realize she is in charge of her future and gets to give him a rose or not. I mean she gets to decide if she meets his family or not. Geez. 

I liked Arie in the beginning but him telling her that he loves her means I have lost a bit of respect for him. I get it, you need to step your game, but she just talked about wanting to meet your family. I think you have it in the bag for this week. The love bomb is thrown out way to easily on this show. I think at this point they known each other for 5 weeks and have spent a grand total added up of 2 days together. And ABC wonders why these relationships never work out. 

Also might I note, Brad the Bachelor might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed but I think I can see why he and Emily didn't work out. One tool in the relationship has to be sharp and clearly neither of these meets that qualification.

Now for date time with Wolf. I think he should be out based on his nickname alone. Instead we are treated to a super staged history lesson. At first glance I thought the lock said Jef not J&E. Makes more sense now that I saw a close up because I thought he was putting his support in Jef's corner. 

Now Sean is roaming the city looking for Emily. I am surprised it took him as long as it did to find her. How hard was it to find all the cameras and lights? Also, why has it taken so long and so many seasons for the gents to not figure out this is the way to more one on one time with her.

Group date time. Chris' temper is starting to come out. It's raining and Emily has planned a great date. A great date on an open air horse drawn carriage where they have to hold their umbrellas up so they don't get wet. Wow. Also, up until this date, I forgot Doug was still around. Sure sign that he is going to be a goner. He is so awkward. I wonder if he is still this weird in real life or if it's just the TV. Doug, the pace of this show is way to fast for your tortoise moving self. The the mid-sentence kiss of death. Well that is what I am going to call it because she is kicking you to the curb and kissing her now isn't going to help your cause. He thinks his girl radar is totally broken. I think America, or girls ages 18-35, are nodding their heads in agreement. 

I don't think leaving Chris alone with the rose is a good idea. Nor was letting Sean have alone time with her first. Jef can't believe he is the last one to hang out with her and go on a one on one date. The hits keep on coming. You got the the last card and everyone else has gone on their dates or is currently on them thus you get the final date. 

Chris doesn't get the rose on the group date. The freak out is about to begin. Boiling down to the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. I hope they use metal detectors because I could see him packing heat and going postal.

Jef making the MJ marionette dance was pretty great. Well done sir, well done. The whole acting it out with the marionettes is just cheesy. I am fast forwarding. Come to think of it I am slowly losing interest in the season in general. Major props to Jef for making a date in a big old library romantic. It couldn't have been easy. 

Chris Harrison breaks the news that there is no cocktail party. Oh the horror of going thru the rose ceremony sans booze and Chris going crazy because can't talk to her. I think she might be sending Chris and Wolf home. Wolf leave the pack and Chris is still around in all his creepy glory. I guess next week will be his week to peace out. 

I can't wait for this season to be over. Emily is a dummy. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Belated Recap

Sorry for the delay. It's been a crazy week and I haven't been home to watch The Bachelorette until now.

Enter Croatia. Ricki has been sent home. Sure glad they let Emily shoot this in Charlotte per her demands since they spent all of 2 weeks there. As the gents pull up on a boat with an Irish jig playing in the background??? Whatever, it's not like I know anything about Croatia. Maybe it's a former Irish colony. I don't care enough to google to confirm this

"Emily might be the only thing more gorgeous then these views" Travis. Well played sir, too bad by the time she hears this the season will be over.

It's also like 6 mins in and Ryan has already been creepy. His beard is also not helping his cause.

Travis not taking your shirt off probably means you are going home.  She dances and just doesn't care. I dare say she might not be smart enough to care...Oh now for the men at home's thoughts on Travis and the date. How could anyone hear anything when Ryan was wearing that tank top, wife beater. Whatever it was, it was so wrong. 

Has anyone else noticed that Emily's handwriting is like a 13 year olds? I feel like she dot's her i's with hearts. 

Goodbye Travis,  we barely even knew you. How perfect that you have to walk away in a rain storm too. 
Group date is a movie. Yes, let's sit in the dark and not be able to talk. Enter Brave product placement. Damn Pixar, you are sneaky! But just when they thought the lame date was over they get to wear kilts and do highland games. worst than the kilts are the shoes and that they had to ride donkeys. Yuck. They are all wearing cut off shirts in a place where it is clearly freezing. I'm not complaining because every event they did seemed to have the sole purpose of showing of the arm muscles. Chris sucks at all the events but wins the bravery cup. Lame. Shawn broke a log, he should have won. She also talked about how not important muscles were. Can we please rewind to her being upset Travis didn't take his shirt off??? I think if he had, he would have gotten a rose. 

Arie and Emily take a walk and she comments on the creepy dolls in the shop, he then takes that "special" moment as the time to make out with her against the wall of the creepy doll shop. I like Arie but his timing could have been a ton better.

Oh Ryan please stop talking about your pro-football career. You played arena football and in Europe. Not what I think when I think of pro-football. 

Time to give out the rose on the group date and it goes to Chris. Yuck. Just not feeling him. What about my boy Sean or Arie? Or even Jef with 1 F.

The world is our pearl- Oh Ryan. You are fantastic. Better one-liners than Kalon for sure. And they are going oystering. Oh appropriate.

Wolf is still round. I keep forgetting about him so I feel like he won't be around much longer.

Now we get back to Ryan and the date and his use of the word trophy wife. I mean she looks like one for sure but he should keep these comments to his self. He just creeps me out. Yeah he is hot, but he is the hot guy at the bar that will probably slip a roofie in your drink. Also I am going to take this moment to comment on his terrible beard. What is going on with his chin hair. It's just odd. He should shave. Does he not get that he is digging himself a bigger and bigger hole each time he uses the word trophy. He wrote a list of 12 things he wants in his future wife. Doesn't want to be ridiculed. Does that mean his wife can't make fun of his tank top? Deal breaker for me. Sorry Ryan, I know we would have been so good together. He is also not given a rose so looks like his happily ever after won't happen with Emily. He is shocked. Really? Do you not realize what a dbag you are? Maybe you will after viewing this show, or maybe you will be proud of yourself. He is also now arguing with her? If she is such a catch why do you have to convince her. Ohh please don't second guess yourself Emily!!! He is a snake and him getting you to change your mind would further prove this!! Oh, phew. Way to stay strong Emily. 

I guess the ABC producers didn't take Ryan's advice on his to edit him because he come off exactly as he feared, as an arrogant ass. Can't think it's just how they edited it though. I mean you have to do the things that create that image.

Now that he is gone, does that mean there will even be a rose ceremony? She sent them both home and I think that wraps up the 2 cuts this week unless she is going to go for the gusto and cut another dude.

Now Arie just pops up? Again, what are the rules. I mean if they all knew that they could come over and talk to her, they certainly would. Who needs a one on one date when you can just walk to where she is staying. Also loving how the only place they could sit happened to be her bed. Good job ABC. Limit the chairs and non-horizontal options. 

I have also noticed that Emily loves a sequined dress. It's like she shopped at a pageant store to get her best options for the dates and rose ceremonies. 

Doug doug doug. I liked you in the beginning but I don't like you so much now. Not sure why, just can't put my finger on it. Seems just a little bit off and too perfect? I do still enjoy the scenes where she looks at the cheesy JC Penney portraits while she contemplates her decision. She can't decide to send Doug or Wolf home. She is discussing with Chris Harrison what she should do. This is just a ploy for Chris to get some extra camera time he loves. He is such a camera whore!! Really, giving out an extra rose. Seriously are there no rules this season? Do they all just get broken for emily?

Next week the great producer debate. I can't wait!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Just when I thought I couldn't love a tulip anymore, I learned about Parrot Tulips. These are the bee's knees I tell you! I love the fringed edges. Now who wants to send me some?

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's the little things

I believe I have mentioned my love of the library here before, right? If not, here it is, I love the library. As an avid reader and a person on a budget who would chose to spend their extra money on clothes not books, the library lets me read to my hearts content without costing me a dime. 

The Austin library is especially amazing to me due to the holds system they have. They will bring you the book from the other library branch to your home branch. If you are willing to be patient you will get your book! I use this all the time. In fact what made me write this post was getting my email from the library this morning telling me my holds were ready. I got super excited and even more so when I remembered I am babysitting tonight so I will be able to get some quality reading time in.

I am especially excited to start Insurgent tonight. I have been waiting about a month for it and it's here. I am probably as excited about it as the teenagers who were also waiting for the book. 

Everyone have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This week in London

This week Sean grew on me. I also found myself routing for Jef, if only he would get the extra F on his name. Both of them seem like genuinly nice and considerate guys.

Sure Sean's date was cheesy but hey, it's not like he or Chris Harrison are picking them. Some sappy Exec at ABC is. Yes, take a picture in front of the balcony that William and Kate kissed on, that would be a great not weird at all date!!

Then the acting date. Oh no, she has lost her voice, let's all freak out and act like she is dying in front of us. Ohhh the drama. This has got to be one of the worst dates ever. Or there was whatever season that they went to Vegas and got faked married, that might have been worst

Kalon continues to impress...Not. He did take the acting seriously. He was "born to play this role" of Romeo. Does that mean he will die soon? At least we had Arie, handsome, handsome, Arie. Ryan continues to be a creepster and I still think something is way off with him. He seems like the guy who would smile while he beat you. Creepy talking about kissing her as part of the performance. I keep forgetting that the scarf he is wearing was a stylistic choice he made and not part of a costume they made him wear. And yes, Kalon, shooing her away so y'all can practice more was a smart move. I mean you are here to be the best actor, not to actually get Emily to like you. Mission accomplished sir, mission accomplished. 

Also, Doug, who was one of my faves in the beginning is starting to weird me out as well. I am going with what all have been saying that it seems like he is hiding something. The previews however have me very excited to see him call out who over called Ricki baggage.

I wish Arie and Emily would have kissed while he had his lady wig on. That would have been more exciting then the entire acting portion of the show. Now ryan has just gifted her with a necklace. This somehow seems to be against the rules because I don't recall having ever seen anyone give presents before. Does anyone know the exact legality of this issue?

In non-shocking news, it looks like Kalon is the man who said Emily had baggage. Can't say I am surprised to find out it was him. Pretty much saw this coming. Now she shall go West Virginia hood rat backwards on his ass. Can't wait to see that. esp with her raspy voice. Ohhh shit, she just took off her leather jacket. This show is getting real. Exit Kalon and his shiny face stage right. You get that, an acting reference. Go me!

I am pretty happy the Jef gets a one on one date. I am interested in seeing them interact with each other more and he was ok with going to afternoon tea. Bless his heart he just wanted some time with her and now he is getting an etiquette lesson. Now he wisks her away to a pub. Looks like it's the same one the Prime Minister left his child at. I like Jef, but was surprised with his use of a Chole handbag reference. He did redeem himself when he said he wants someone to share the details with. I found that very sweet and endearing. I'm now on Team Jef for the win I think. and then he finally kisses her, even better. I got chills when it happened. It might have been that I was sitting in sweaty clothes and it was getting cooler but hey I got chills.

blah blah blah talking cocktail hour, bring on the rose ceremony. Oh alejandro, don't seem so shocked. I had a feeling you and your earrings were not meant to be. Mad props to however was wearing the red pants though. Own that look! You go Wolf because it's pretty much been the only thing that has made you memorable.  That being said I think Wolf and Ryan will get cut next week or the 25 year old who's names I can remember but kinda reminds me of a creepy Ken day. She wants the guys to be be truthful but I also feel like she is asking them to all be tattle tales. 

Can't wait to see her makeout with someone in the library, As a reader, I totally get it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

who came up with this?

Who came up with the phrase "after the jump"? I mean when I read blogs I know it means "click here and you will get more" but what does it really mean? Is it a cultural reference I am missing??

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunger Games Audio Books

I am working my way thru the Hunger Games audio books. Currently on Catching Fire, some things have occurred to me.

1) Who in the world approved the woman who reads the book to do so? There is just something about her voice and inflection that annoys the crap out of me at moments. Her name is Carolyn McCormick and I just googled her and she has been on Law and Order. The way she reads Katniss makes her sound at moments like the most naive person in the world and when I read the books I took her to be a smart woman. It is just annoying. Why do I keep listening then? Because it passes the time and the certain voice she uses doesn't happen all the time.

2) Lovers. Katniss keeps talking about her and Peeta being lovers. Does she know what a lover is, because at this point, kissing, does not a lover make. I can just imagine little 7th graders walking around school calling someone a lover because they kiss them. This is going to go over real well with the parents.

That is all for now. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boredom and Hilarity

It's no secret that I get bored easily and that it usually occurs M-F 8-5. I was on the Zara website and ran across this dress, or jumpsuit. 

I have two dear friends getting married this year in Austin. I emailed the first one AH, the link and this message " I found my dress for your wedding" 
She responded with
"AHHHH HAHAHA!  I thought this was a serious email, and got really excited.  And now I'm about to pee my pants from laughter...."

We got back and forth and I tell her I am going to send the same link to our other friend AM.

Email from me to AM-  I found my outfit for your wedding. I wasn't even looking and it just came to me 

AM's response- i think that's more appropriate for AH's wedding

My response- I already sent it to her. I want to get my money's worth out of it so I will be wearing it to both.

AM's response- i bet that pattern is very flattering.

My response- Oh yeah for sure. I mean I don't want to steal y'alls thunder but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

AM's response-  dont' think i won't throw you in the bushes.  with the other animals! 

Oh the things that help to pass a slow afternoon! Hope this made you laugh or wish that I had more of a life!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Shall be Called No Plans Wednesday

Another riveting post here on Anchors and Argyle. 

I am making June a no plans Wednesday Monday, unless said plans allow me to be sweaty and gross, then bring it on. As I was thinking about this 30 days of fitness goal, I realized Wednesday nights needed to be Pure Barre nights. My fitness schedule is pretty set. My week looks like 

Monday- 6 am Boxing
Tuesday- 6 am Pure Barre
Wednesday- Ummmm
Thursday- 6 am Pure Barre
Friday- Ummmm
Saturday- 9:45 Pure Barre
Sunday- 11 Pure Barre

I have been telling myself I am going to make it to the 5:30 am Boxing class on Friday but thus far it hasn't happened. I know it's just 30 mins earlier but dang a 5:30 class sounds sooooo early. So that is my Friday goal for this Monday. Wednesdays are a bit harder. There aren't classes at the gym I want to attend and no AM Pure Barre at my location. Thus I need to be getting my butt to the 5:30 PM Pure Barre class. Due to this fact, I shall not be making plans on Wednesday in June. I need a night to myself anyway but I think this will just help will the cause.

I know this post was just what you needed to get your weekend off to a great start. Since I didn't make it to 5:30 boxing this AM, I am off to go on a walk or run. But knowing me, more walking than running will occur.