Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This week in London

This week Sean grew on me. I also found myself routing for Jef, if only he would get the extra F on his name. Both of them seem like genuinly nice and considerate guys.

Sure Sean's date was cheesy but hey, it's not like he or Chris Harrison are picking them. Some sappy Exec at ABC is. Yes, take a picture in front of the balcony that William and Kate kissed on, that would be a great not weird at all date!!

Then the acting date. Oh no, she has lost her voice, let's all freak out and act like she is dying in front of us. Ohhh the drama. This has got to be one of the worst dates ever. Or there was whatever season that they went to Vegas and got faked married, that might have been worst

Kalon continues to impress...Not. He did take the acting seriously. He was "born to play this role" of Romeo. Does that mean he will die soon? At least we had Arie, handsome, handsome, Arie. Ryan continues to be a creepster and I still think something is way off with him. He seems like the guy who would smile while he beat you. Creepy talking about kissing her as part of the performance. I keep forgetting that the scarf he is wearing was a stylistic choice he made and not part of a costume they made him wear. And yes, Kalon, shooing her away so y'all can practice more was a smart move. I mean you are here to be the best actor, not to actually get Emily to like you. Mission accomplished sir, mission accomplished. 

Also, Doug, who was one of my faves in the beginning is starting to weird me out as well. I am going with what all have been saying that it seems like he is hiding something. The previews however have me very excited to see him call out who over called Ricki baggage.

I wish Arie and Emily would have kissed while he had his lady wig on. That would have been more exciting then the entire acting portion of the show. Now ryan has just gifted her with a necklace. This somehow seems to be against the rules because I don't recall having ever seen anyone give presents before. Does anyone know the exact legality of this issue?

In non-shocking news, it looks like Kalon is the man who said Emily had baggage. Can't say I am surprised to find out it was him. Pretty much saw this coming. Now she shall go West Virginia hood rat backwards on his ass. Can't wait to see that. esp with her raspy voice. Ohhh shit, she just took off her leather jacket. This show is getting real. Exit Kalon and his shiny face stage right. You get that, an acting reference. Go me!

I am pretty happy the Jef gets a one on one date. I am interested in seeing them interact with each other more and he was ok with going to afternoon tea. Bless his heart he just wanted some time with her and now he is getting an etiquette lesson. Now he wisks her away to a pub. Looks like it's the same one the Prime Minister left his child at. I like Jef, but was surprised with his use of a Chole handbag reference. He did redeem himself when he said he wants someone to share the details with. I found that very sweet and endearing. I'm now on Team Jef for the win I think. and then he finally kisses her, even better. I got chills when it happened. It might have been that I was sitting in sweaty clothes and it was getting cooler but hey I got chills.

blah blah blah talking cocktail hour, bring on the rose ceremony. Oh alejandro, don't seem so shocked. I had a feeling you and your earrings were not meant to be. Mad props to however was wearing the red pants though. Own that look! You go Wolf because it's pretty much been the only thing that has made you memorable.  That being said I think Wolf and Ryan will get cut next week or the 25 year old who's names I can remember but kinda reminds me of a creepy Ken day. She wants the guys to be be truthful but I also feel like she is asking them to all be tattle tales. 

Can't wait to see her makeout with someone in the library, As a reader, I totally get it!

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