Friday, June 1, 2012

June Shall be Called No Plans Wednesday

Another riveting post here on Anchors and Argyle. 

I am making June a no plans Wednesday Monday, unless said plans allow me to be sweaty and gross, then bring it on. As I was thinking about this 30 days of fitness goal, I realized Wednesday nights needed to be Pure Barre nights. My fitness schedule is pretty set. My week looks like 

Monday- 6 am Boxing
Tuesday- 6 am Pure Barre
Wednesday- Ummmm
Thursday- 6 am Pure Barre
Friday- Ummmm
Saturday- 9:45 Pure Barre
Sunday- 11 Pure Barre

I have been telling myself I am going to make it to the 5:30 am Boxing class on Friday but thus far it hasn't happened. I know it's just 30 mins earlier but dang a 5:30 class sounds sooooo early. So that is my Friday goal for this Monday. Wednesdays are a bit harder. There aren't classes at the gym I want to attend and no AM Pure Barre at my location. Thus I need to be getting my butt to the 5:30 PM Pure Barre class. Due to this fact, I shall not be making plans on Wednesday in June. I need a night to myself anyway but I think this will just help will the cause.

I know this post was just what you needed to get your weekend off to a great start. Since I didn't make it to 5:30 boxing this AM, I am off to go on a walk or run. But knowing me, more walking than running will occur.

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