Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this week on emily is a dumdum

Tonight to the Prague we go. Poor Ricki is still back in Charlotte. Jef calls it from the beginning "Tonight is a big night" Jef, every moment is a big night. Get with the program. I joke, I like him. He probably lost rock paper scissors this week and had to give the cheesy line.

Blah blah blah, next week is hometown week. Let's focus on this week first. Insert Chris Harrison. I was hoping he would be around more this episode and I hope this is a good indicator of the episode to come. "gentleman enjoy Prague" Chris Harrison has the best deal out of it. They are forced to go on cheesy dates and I am sure he is out enjoying the sites. He seriously has the best job ever!

Contestant Chris, still has creepy eyes. Bring on the date with Arie. So handsome and when will this producer biznass hit the fan. She keeps talking about this secret. I mean just cut to the chase. Stop with the walking around kissing in your shorts with your high boots. Clearly it's not a big enough issue that you don't want to make out with him. Now Chris Harrison breaks down what Emily might be not happy about. "It's like a real life thing, not a production thing" What?? this isn't all real life Emily??? I feel so lied to. 

I am over this issue. Emily is being dramatic. Just tell him. He tells you about his lame tattoo just tell him that you know about Cassie. Geez. He must also not know the rules of tattooing someones names on them. My friends husband told me to tattoo someone name on you and have it not be bad luck they had to be dead or blood related. No wonder it didn't work out with her. Stupid Arie. Know the rules. The only plus to this situation is the extra camera time for Chris Harrison. Always a plus. Also, his shooting these little explanations, clearly has been done recently since he is sans ring. Pretty sure Arie apologizing about Cassie was a total voice over. I didn't really see his lips move while he was saying it and we were given the side shot. 

She really hopes she gets to meet his family.Ummmm she does realize she is in charge of her future and gets to give him a rose or not. I mean she gets to decide if she meets his family or not. Geez. 

I liked Arie in the beginning but him telling her that he loves her means I have lost a bit of respect for him. I get it, you need to step your game, but she just talked about wanting to meet your family. I think you have it in the bag for this week. The love bomb is thrown out way to easily on this show. I think at this point they known each other for 5 weeks and have spent a grand total added up of 2 days together. And ABC wonders why these relationships never work out. 

Also might I note, Brad the Bachelor might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed but I think I can see why he and Emily didn't work out. One tool in the relationship has to be sharp and clearly neither of these meets that qualification.

Now for date time with Wolf. I think he should be out based on his nickname alone. Instead we are treated to a super staged history lesson. At first glance I thought the lock said Jef not J&E. Makes more sense now that I saw a close up because I thought he was putting his support in Jef's corner. 

Now Sean is roaming the city looking for Emily. I am surprised it took him as long as it did to find her. How hard was it to find all the cameras and lights? Also, why has it taken so long and so many seasons for the gents to not figure out this is the way to more one on one time with her.

Group date time. Chris' temper is starting to come out. It's raining and Emily has planned a great date. A great date on an open air horse drawn carriage where they have to hold their umbrellas up so they don't get wet. Wow. Also, up until this date, I forgot Doug was still around. Sure sign that he is going to be a goner. He is so awkward. I wonder if he is still this weird in real life or if it's just the TV. Doug, the pace of this show is way to fast for your tortoise moving self. The the mid-sentence kiss of death. Well that is what I am going to call it because she is kicking you to the curb and kissing her now isn't going to help your cause. He thinks his girl radar is totally broken. I think America, or girls ages 18-35, are nodding their heads in agreement. 

I don't think leaving Chris alone with the rose is a good idea. Nor was letting Sean have alone time with her first. Jef can't believe he is the last one to hang out with her and go on a one on one date. The hits keep on coming. You got the the last card and everyone else has gone on their dates or is currently on them thus you get the final date. 

Chris doesn't get the rose on the group date. The freak out is about to begin. Boiling down to the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. I hope they use metal detectors because I could see him packing heat and going postal.

Jef making the MJ marionette dance was pretty great. Well done sir, well done. The whole acting it out with the marionettes is just cheesy. I am fast forwarding. Come to think of it I am slowly losing interest in the season in general. Major props to Jef for making a date in a big old library romantic. It couldn't have been easy. 

Chris Harrison breaks the news that there is no cocktail party. Oh the horror of going thru the rose ceremony sans booze and Chris going crazy because can't talk to her. I think she might be sending Chris and Wolf home. Wolf leave the pack and Chris is still around in all his creepy glory. I guess next week will be his week to peace out. 

I can't wait for this season to be over. Emily is a dummy. 

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