Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silence was short lived

Today was a sad day. I was informed I was going to have to move cubes again. I almost started to cry. A little mellow dramatic response but hey I am a little dramatic. The options for new cubes are 1) a way noisier than my original cube or 2) my original cube. Endless possibilities, no? Needless to say I will be moving back to my original cube and am not so thrilled about this. I did request someone say something to the throat clearer since the solution to that complaint last time was me moving cubes. We will see how this all plays out but folks I fear it might not be good.

Per JC's suggestion I asked if there was a stairwell or broom closet that I might move into. All signs pointed to no.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Rage

Road rage is something that I suffer from. I am ready to admit it now and must thank my friend CP for pointing it out to me. I thought everyone yelled at the other drivers all the time when they were on the road. I fear I was wrong. I yell at people while driving all the time. Since CP and I usually talk when I am driving somewhere she was lucky enough to hear lots of this ranting and asked if I might have some road rage issues. I said maybe. I have been thinking about it more and over the past week or 2 I have noticed that a day doesn't go by without my yelling at the other drivers. This morning at 7:45 it happened twice. How does one get this under control because I know the other drivers aren't going to start driving better.

Really this would stop being a problem if people just became better drivers. End of story.

role play

Last week I had a lovely girls dinner for Austin Restaurant Week. As at most good lady meals there was boy talk. Should one girl accept an invite with the new gent she was seeing to go to a concert that "good vibes" and glow sticks were welcome at but unopened tampons weren't? The tribe said no.

That wasn't even the best part of the evening. I think the hi light of the night was the reading out loud of a text message convo between lady, who we will call "A "and a dude who we will call "J". I am not cool enough to have an iphone but the beauty of one is that it really makes it easy to turn that convo that was had earlier into a rousing game of role play. Best played when the party involved doesn't get to read her role but just listen. I think we might be on to something here. A whole play make up of a text message convo. For the readers that weren't there, as I type I fear this is one of those you had to be there situations. I do highly recommend in the future if one of your friends has had an intense text convo with a dude take the chance to read it out loud. Sure you might not figure out a solution or what went wrong, but you will probably laugh and believe me, there was lots of laughing.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thanks....I think

I have caught a woman twice in the last week or so plucking her chin hairs at her desk at work. Thank you for being aware that you have chin hairs and taking care of them. You are already more aware than more other people. No thank you for keeping your door open while doing it. She is set up for it too because she keeps the tweezers and her magnifying mirror at her desk. So it's a thanks I think situation because I we all want the hairs gone but maybe next time shut the door?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can I get a little peace and quiet??

Newsflash: I moved from cube hell a few weeks go. I am no longer around the all day throat clearing or talking over the cube or hearing stories about how a person got a double cheeseburger and not a single (yes that really happened. Just take the extra piece of meat off geez). My new cube is much better. No throat clearing I just have one new issue. The person I sit next to now ends every sentence as if it is a question. Her voice goes up at the end every time. It might slowly drive me crazy. I wonder if there is a broom closet somewhere I might be able to move into.