Sunday, June 24, 2012

Belated Recap

Sorry for the delay. It's been a crazy week and I haven't been home to watch The Bachelorette until now.

Enter Croatia. Ricki has been sent home. Sure glad they let Emily shoot this in Charlotte per her demands since they spent all of 2 weeks there. As the gents pull up on a boat with an Irish jig playing in the background??? Whatever, it's not like I know anything about Croatia. Maybe it's a former Irish colony. I don't care enough to google to confirm this

"Emily might be the only thing more gorgeous then these views" Travis. Well played sir, too bad by the time she hears this the season will be over.

It's also like 6 mins in and Ryan has already been creepy. His beard is also not helping his cause.

Travis not taking your shirt off probably means you are going home.  She dances and just doesn't care. I dare say she might not be smart enough to care...Oh now for the men at home's thoughts on Travis and the date. How could anyone hear anything when Ryan was wearing that tank top, wife beater. Whatever it was, it was so wrong. 

Has anyone else noticed that Emily's handwriting is like a 13 year olds? I feel like she dot's her i's with hearts. 

Goodbye Travis,  we barely even knew you. How perfect that you have to walk away in a rain storm too. 
Group date is a movie. Yes, let's sit in the dark and not be able to talk. Enter Brave product placement. Damn Pixar, you are sneaky! But just when they thought the lame date was over they get to wear kilts and do highland games. worst than the kilts are the shoes and that they had to ride donkeys. Yuck. They are all wearing cut off shirts in a place where it is clearly freezing. I'm not complaining because every event they did seemed to have the sole purpose of showing of the arm muscles. Chris sucks at all the events but wins the bravery cup. Lame. Shawn broke a log, he should have won. She also talked about how not important muscles were. Can we please rewind to her being upset Travis didn't take his shirt off??? I think if he had, he would have gotten a rose. 

Arie and Emily take a walk and she comments on the creepy dolls in the shop, he then takes that "special" moment as the time to make out with her against the wall of the creepy doll shop. I like Arie but his timing could have been a ton better.

Oh Ryan please stop talking about your pro-football career. You played arena football and in Europe. Not what I think when I think of pro-football. 

Time to give out the rose on the group date and it goes to Chris. Yuck. Just not feeling him. What about my boy Sean or Arie? Or even Jef with 1 F.

The world is our pearl- Oh Ryan. You are fantastic. Better one-liners than Kalon for sure. And they are going oystering. Oh appropriate.

Wolf is still round. I keep forgetting about him so I feel like he won't be around much longer.

Now we get back to Ryan and the date and his use of the word trophy wife. I mean she looks like one for sure but he should keep these comments to his self. He just creeps me out. Yeah he is hot, but he is the hot guy at the bar that will probably slip a roofie in your drink. Also I am going to take this moment to comment on his terrible beard. What is going on with his chin hair. It's just odd. He should shave. Does he not get that he is digging himself a bigger and bigger hole each time he uses the word trophy. He wrote a list of 12 things he wants in his future wife. Doesn't want to be ridiculed. Does that mean his wife can't make fun of his tank top? Deal breaker for me. Sorry Ryan, I know we would have been so good together. He is also not given a rose so looks like his happily ever after won't happen with Emily. He is shocked. Really? Do you not realize what a dbag you are? Maybe you will after viewing this show, or maybe you will be proud of yourself. He is also now arguing with her? If she is such a catch why do you have to convince her. Ohh please don't second guess yourself Emily!!! He is a snake and him getting you to change your mind would further prove this!! Oh, phew. Way to stay strong Emily. 

I guess the ABC producers didn't take Ryan's advice on his to edit him because he come off exactly as he feared, as an arrogant ass. Can't think it's just how they edited it though. I mean you have to do the things that create that image.

Now that he is gone, does that mean there will even be a rose ceremony? She sent them both home and I think that wraps up the 2 cuts this week unless she is going to go for the gusto and cut another dude.

Now Arie just pops up? Again, what are the rules. I mean if they all knew that they could come over and talk to her, they certainly would. Who needs a one on one date when you can just walk to where she is staying. Also loving how the only place they could sit happened to be her bed. Good job ABC. Limit the chairs and non-horizontal options. 

I have also noticed that Emily loves a sequined dress. It's like she shopped at a pageant store to get her best options for the dates and rose ceremonies. 

Doug doug doug. I liked you in the beginning but I don't like you so much now. Not sure why, just can't put my finger on it. Seems just a little bit off and too perfect? I do still enjoy the scenes where she looks at the cheesy JC Penney portraits while she contemplates her decision. She can't decide to send Doug or Wolf home. She is discussing with Chris Harrison what she should do. This is just a ploy for Chris to get some extra camera time he loves. He is such a camera whore!! Really, giving out an extra rose. Seriously are there no rules this season? Do they all just get broken for emily?

Next week the great producer debate. I can't wait!

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