Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunger Games Audio Books

I am working my way thru the Hunger Games audio books. Currently on Catching Fire, some things have occurred to me.

1) Who in the world approved the woman who reads the book to do so? There is just something about her voice and inflection that annoys the crap out of me at moments. Her name is Carolyn McCormick and I just googled her and she has been on Law and Order. The way she reads Katniss makes her sound at moments like the most naive person in the world and when I read the books I took her to be a smart woman. It is just annoying. Why do I keep listening then? Because it passes the time and the certain voice she uses doesn't happen all the time.

2) Lovers. Katniss keeps talking about her and Peeta being lovers. Does she know what a lover is, because at this point, kissing, does not a lover make. I can just imagine little 7th graders walking around school calling someone a lover because they kiss them. This is going to go over real well with the parents.

That is all for now. 

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