Friday, February 4, 2011


125 was the number of books I was trying to read last year. I decided about mid-March that this was going to be a goal and I tried my best but ended the year at 87 books. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I am not going to say they were all the highest quality of reading but I read them all. Well I didn't finish Oprah by Kitty Kelley but I still counted it. I figured having read 200 of the pages was the amount of a regular book so I gave myself credit. That and as much as I enjoy Oprah her life was not excited enough to me for this long of a book to have been written. If you need recommendations on books let me know since I have read a fair amount.
Looking over my list from last year here are my Top 5 or just 5 I wish to recommend.

1) The Hunger Games series. Technically this consists of 3 books but I am including them as one line item because you will read them so quickly. Sure these books are targeted at teens but I was a huge fan and loved them. Please rush out and get them

2) The Help. I am not reinventing the wheel by recommending this book but I read it in one day so clearly I enjoyed it. I plan on rereading it again this year before the movie comes out.

3) 12 Mighty Orphans. My friend JA told me about this book because he knows my love of a true sports book. This is a really great story about a football team of orphans. Run out and get it ASAP. You will not be disappointed.

4) Devil in the White City. Another true story set in Chicago during the world's fair. Very interesting and taught me a bit about a time in history that I did not know a lot about

5) The Summer we Read Gatsby. Lighthearted read. Differently for the ladies, so sorry to my one reader JC, you might not want to read this one, or The Help for that matter. A good easy well written read about life and finding love.

This year I will continue on my reading challenge and have settled in on the number 100 for the year. That seems like a reasonable amount especially considering how much I have going on. As of today I have read 6. If you have any recommendations on books I should read, comment them below and I will consider them.

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