Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's chilly willy

It's cold here in Austin Texas, well it's just cold in Texas in general. If you have been on facebook and have any friends in this region I am sure their status updates have been all about this. You will notice I have said nothing. It's cold and windy but that's all here in Austin. No rain or ice or snow, so calm down. A lady at work yesterday was talking about how it was too windy to come to work, are you kidding me? I mean I would love an unexpected day of from work just as much as the next kiddo but that is just ridic. I am sure this change in weather would not have seemed so shocking and status updating worthy if it had not been 82 on Sunday and I had been laying by the pool working on my tan. Flips flops to uggs. Oh well. Now we return to our regularly scheduled programing of my random rantings on this here blog...oh wait that qualified.

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