Wednesday, February 16, 2011

late to the party

I am not going to claim I have the best taste in music. In fact many would say it is terrible. It's filled with lots of pop ( I love me some B. Spears) and rap (the hit throw it in the bag anyone??). I go as far as to say Ignition (remix) by R. Kelly is my favorite song. It is. If you have not heard it you must have been living under a rock or if you don't like it, I question your taste in other things in life as well. All this aside, I have now listened to the new Kanye album and its mucho bueno. I also purchased the Nicki Minaj album and it is also good. So for what my musical suggestions are worth, I would recommend purchases these musical items from ITunes or Napster, whatever the kids are using these days. This new music is making my never ending work excel project be slightly more bearable. I should mention I have been staring at this excel project since early December. Who knew excel went up to 40,000 lines. I do know and I really hope my self-imposed timeline of having it done before Feb. is over will be realized. Happy Jamming!

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