Monday, July 18, 2011

I met a celebrity

No, this won't be a rehashing about the time I met Perez Hilton 4ish years ago, though that was amazing too.
The other weekend at the crew I was
working the cashwrap, aka the register for those of you who have never worked retail. So I was ringing people up and this girl and guy get in line. And I know the
girl. I mean not know her personally but I read her blog. I was trying to play it cool and didn't want to weird her out. I finished ringing them up and before she walked away I said " I don't
mean to sound creepy but I really love your blog" She seemed not weirded out and like she was a bit flattered. Who was this girl that I met? It was her

I really love her blog and have gotten some good ideas for new outfits from her blog. That is why I read these fashion blogs to figure out some new and interesting ways to wear my hair..err clothes. Zoolander reference there, anyone?
I am sure she doesn't read my blog but on the off chance Kendi happens to run across it, thanks for being so friendly and not weirded out by me. I appreciate and will continue to read!

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  1. so fun! crazy how there are fashion blogger celebrities now! <3