Monday, July 18, 2011


Ok I am in the middle of watching the Bachelorette right now as I type. We are on the JP date and she has kissed him more than the other 3 fools added together. I also want to know why they can't just let them have some quality alone time. Make out or whatever so they can see if there is chemistry. Talk more, something. An overnight in a hotel, whatever. Just a thought.
Also, and it's been awhile since I had seen this show, but she seems to think that this would all be a bust if she wasn't engaged. I mean maybe be happy you found someone you like and want to get to know more. Again, just a thought.

I would love to see a season where she picks one, dates them and per usual it doesn't work out and thus goes back to one of her back up mens. That would be the season.

For the record, the men below are my 2 front runners and the dvred episode hasn't ended yet. If she doesn't pick one of them I would gladly take her scraps. Constantine and JP best of luck! Or really not because then you would be taken.

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