Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The blog you have all been waiting for

After many years of not watching I jumped back on the Bachelorette ship.
A guy I quasi knew in college was going to be on the show
and I figured why not tune in
watch this wreck of a show. As it has gone on I have noticed a few things to note below.

1) The Bachelorette is far better than the Bachelor because we
only have to deal with 1 stupid girl. Yes, all the girls on the
show girl ladies a bad name and Ashley is not helping our cause either. Really with all the
Bentley stuff? T
he best thing
about him was his very touchable hair. That was all.

2) Ashley has never met a backless shirt or cut out back shirt she hasn't liked. Cue your memory and remember back.
Last episode had at least 2 of them

3) Same can be said of the jegging or a skinny jean. I get it, your thighs don't touch and
probably have never touched. Maybe try a trouser jean to spice it up.

4) On the last episode you were walking all around Taiwan, or wherever you are currently.
You made Ben carry you. Maybe you should have wo
rn flats and not high heels

5) Ben and Constantine are twins right? If not, they are at least related some how
because they look almost identical.

6) Whoever plans these dates should be fired. We start the season off with a fake
wedding? The better response from the dude would have been to say thanks but no thanks this
this terrible. She called it the most romantic date ever but it was just the first episode so
there would be more romantic ones to follow. Like the fake engagement pictures one. That was another weird one. I mean
doing this ridic dates means when you finally get together in the real world that basic date at the local Chili's will be hard to

7) Chris Harrison is the I have already
blogged about him but I truly think he is the best and it
probably shaking his head off screen at the stupid Ashley.
I just envision him and his family chilling during the week while the Ashley is dating. He gets the call that it's rose ceremony time and shows up for his max 2 hrs of work. Love you Chris Harrison. Best gig ever.

8) No cocktail hour this week?? WTF Ashley. Let the mens have their drinks and fake convos with each other while waiting to talk to you.

9) Ryan is gone. Thank goodness. He was weird but I did learn something new about a water heater and that knowledge will stay with me long after the memory of him has faded.

10) I think the show should have made the dog peeing on the love lantern or whatever it was be part of the show for real, not just at the end.
Stay tuned for my comments next week when it's the ever dramatic hometown dates.

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