Tuesday, July 12, 2011

life changing

I am a little late to the technology game. My cell
phone is greater than 2 years old and the only reason I got it then was because my hand me down phone from the BFF
broke and they didn't make that model anymore, or in the last year and a half they told me in a judgemental way when I
asked for it then. Lately I have been wanting an iphone.
I didn't jump on the iphone bandwagon before because it was only with AT&T and while I love my Uverse, I am not crazy about their cell phone reception. Now that Verizon has the iphone I kind of really want it. Some days the BFF and a few others get picture of my outfit of the day and an iphone quality picture would be a vast improvement over my pictures now. Not to mention, maybe you blog readers would be interested in the craziness I wear to work and see at work. I would be able to post it all from my handy dandy phone. I think my vocabulary would grow with words with friends and I played angry birds the other day and it seemed pretty fun too.
So long story short, I think an iphone is in my near future. Which means I better start looking for a cute iphone cover now. Any of my technology savvy readers know if a new iphone is coming out in the next few months that I should wait on? This question is mainly directed to JC since he is my go to for techonology questions and one of my better readers and commenters.

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  1. YES! There is a new iPhone coming out very soon. The past 4 models have been released in July so do not get one right now.