Thursday, July 5, 2012

Successful Status Updates

These are just my thoughts, so I am sure everyone else agrees with them

1. Are funny
2. Announce something exciting
3. Feature pink pants and fun shoes. Trust me, I got great response here
4. Random pictures of funny or interesting things you have seen. My friend AM has this down to a science and always sees fantastic stuff.
5. Interesting/teach you something you didn't know. I love some random factoids so bring them on.
6. Comment on your co-workers. This is also where I shine. I also work in a terrible place with endless stories to mention. I do my people a favor and limit it to the really good stuff, like bagels and finger nail cutting.  

They are not
1. Oversharing. No I don't care or feel sorry for you about this!
2. Whiny. Probably means I am going to screen your call later if you call.
3. Political. Quasi is ok but I have a FB friend who is so anti-Obama. I am not politicial at all but their constant trashing of him is just old and overdone. Get a new shtick. 
4. Trashy. Nothing is worst than those perimeter friends you have. Very different from you and dress trashy. I take that back. These are good updates. They provide me with lots of entertainment. 

Ok think that sums it up. Aren't you glad this was a second post and not included in the first.

1 comment:

  1. The political posts are out of control. I have both dems and reps as friends and the ones who voice their opinions are really out of control. This is why we just need John Athon to run for president and then we can elect a friend and post as much as we want. Funny posts are my favorite and cute clothes. Food posts are okay but not during dinner time hours because they make me too hungry! I like this series you have going!