Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Important Things

Can we talk about something very important?


This super food and I are having a love affair. Now that butternut squash season is over I have been looking for a new veggie to obsess over and congrats Kale, I think you are the one. Whole Foods makes this amazing Summer Kale Salad that I have been getting every week. It's Kale, craisins, silvered almonds, and some sort of lemony vinaigrette. I my quest to figure out how to make this at home I came across a similar recipe that also had granny smith apples in it. YES please! I am not much of a cook but this might be my new go to meal for events. I have been invite aka invited myself to Easter brunch at a friends house and I think this might be something I bring. That and I am great at cutting up fruit for fruit salad.

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  1. FYI, I'm loving the blog. I've almost commented on every other post I've read through. Why I finally decided to comment on kale, I'm not real sure. Oh well... have you tried kale chips or kale in green smoothies?