Thursday, March 31, 2011

A change of plans

Lent = no shopping. Okay, we are changing it up a bit. Before you go thinking I have fallen off the wagon and bought something, you are wrong. EF talked me off the ledge last night at the Crew when there was a necklace on sale I decided I had to have. I will consider it if it is still around when I am shopping again. Thanks for being the voice of reason EF. Said necklace: Totes great necklace right?? The change of plans involves me not shopping for a longer period of time. I stopped shopping a bit before Lent and think I will continue not shopping a bit after it, for a grand total of 60 days. I can do it. My debt is already saying thank you.


  1. Nope staying strong. It is sitting in my online shopping bag and if it is still there when 60 days are up, then it is meant to be!