Thursday, May 27, 2010

True Blood

Last night I helped LE address her save the dates. It may be my calling in life. Her hubby to be put on the past season review for True Blood while we worked and it got me all excited for the new season. I had forgotten a few of the important details so a refresher course was useful before the season premiere in a few weeks. I was just on Perez checking up on my celeb gossip and what did I see.
Oh Jason Stackhouse you are a handsome man. So handsome I am willing to say that you make that hat look good, which is a bold statement since the only kind of hats I like on men are baseball hats or top hats. I can't wait to see what trouble you get into this year and what skanks you meet along the way. June 13th can't get her fast enough!


  1. Taylor! Love your blog! So fun! Love me some Jason Stackhouse too!

  2. He is cute, not the brightest bulb, but quite handsome! PS - watch for Marshall Allman in the new season. He is Ryan's long-time friend.