Friday, May 6, 2011

Online interwebbings

Folks I have joined the world of online dating. Why you might add when I am such a catch and have so much to offer some lucky man friend, well it appears that I am not meeting anyone at the bars or other aspects of my life. Last week (Wednesday) I learned about a free website called okcupid. I joined on Saturday. I am sure me joining is going to equal a lot more funny stories on here so really I am doing it for my 14 followers entertainment.

It took awhile to fill out my profile and put up some pictures that showed me looking my finest. Within the first 14 hrs I had received and email saying someone had messaged me that I was pretty. I didn't have time to logon and check out this future prince charming so I moved on. Hours later I was at dinner with BD and LG and I mentioned my signing up for this. B was very interested and promptly logged into the account to see who the prince was that emailed me. This is where the lols and hilarity begin. She just laughed at his profile and then read aloud the finer points. His favorite type of music is Death fing Metal. Interests include texting, video games, and another that we just won't mention. Pretty much he is the total opposite of anything I would be interested in. We took to calling him the Dragon Slayer since he looked and I think also mentioned his interest in Dungeons and Dragons.

Needless to say we won't be going on a date. Back to the drawing board which currently consists of a 22 year old that is emailing me. I feel like a cougar.

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