Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Man errr Lady

I have realized something over the past few years. I really like my family and other people's families. At my friend L's wedding I befriended her grandmother and her grandmother came in town for a bday about a month and a half ago and she was thrilled to see me again. I just put her birthday card in the mail.

This past weekend I went to a bday brunch for a friends and sat near the family end of the table, aka the best seat ever for me. I bonded with her aunt, cousin, and mom. I was thrilled today when I got an email from her aunt. I was telling her about the books I was reading and good to know if never am in Seguin and need a place to stay, I have some people who would be more than happy for me to stay with them. What can I say, I like families.

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