Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I did the unthinkable!!!

I am a bit embarassed to admit this, but here goes, I bought a Kardashian product. I know, judge away. Yesterday I was picking up a prescription at the good ole CVS and had some time to kill. I think I have mentioned before my love of lipstick, lip gloss, lip products. Whislt wondering CVS I came across the Khroma Beauty Joystick. Pretty much a lipstick pencil type product. I have been loving bright lip colors the past few seasons and I can admit I don't really feel done without a color lip. Case in point, no one is really working this week because of spring break so the office is dead. I am wearing workout pants, running shoes, a sweatshirt, and a bright pink lip. The lip color brought to you by the Kardashians.
I got the shocking pink color and love it so far. I got a compliment wearing it last night to watch the Bachelor too. So if you are on the market for a new bright lip color, go check it out. Maybe this will be the lone good thing that comes out of the Kardashians!


  1. You're contributing to the empire!

  2. I know Jay. I really don't feel good about it!!