Monday, October 31, 2011

Breaking News

Jessica Simpson will not be announcing she is with child
this week because Kim K went
and filed for the divorce we knew was coming from Kris Humphries.
Yes long distance and not being in the same city must be very hard with a husband who is currently unemployed. I mean what was stopping him from being in the same city as you since the NBA
is currently in a lockout. Kim, this was just selfish. You know Jessica and Papa Joe
are just sitting at home waiting for it to be a slow news week so they are guaranteed a magazine cover for her spawn.
Because of you we now have to wait another week and hope nothing big happens in the celeb gossip world. So help them if Lindsay Lohan gets sent to jail on Wednesday because that will for sure be next week's cover. Anymore set backs and we will just get first baby pictures.

I mean why are they trying so hard for the money? We all know she has really done well for herself since the whole singing career didn't work out. Shoes, clothing, etc. She is making pretty good bank and hey her shoes are comfy.

Charade no more Jessica. The readers of Anchors and Argyle want the truth!

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