Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For the .5% of my readers that aren't from Austin or Texas, about 2 monthsish ago we had
terrible wildfires in Bastrop, which is like 20 or so miles from Austin. As I drove to Houston
on 71 last weekend I saw all of the burned trees and it was so sad to see all of the damage.
Last night in Austin they had a Wildfire Relief Concert. Now I didn't go but was just looking
thru pictures and saw that the Dixie Chicks preformed. Had I been made privy to this little
factoid I would have perhaps ponied up the cash to attend.
Say what you will about the Dixie Chicks, or mainly Natalie Maines and her views. Views
aside, this group makes some solid music. Their last album was fan freakingtastic.
I will just continue to listen to their old stuff until they put out a new album, which I have been told will be awhile. Come on Dixie Chicks, put an album out for me. You have at least one person that will buy it!

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