Sunday, December 4, 2011

A budget

Thursday I started something called a budget. I am sure some of you have heard of this crazy thing. Something had to change. After a not fun convo with my mother about money that ended in me crying I put my thinking cap on. Here is a crazy idea: I am going to use cash. I really should write a book with this killer never been considered idea. I have $100 a week to use for food, fun, groceries etc. Sorry friends if you wanted to hang out and do something expensive. I have seriously planned out my weeks with allotments of money for things on my schedule. Friends I am having lunch or a meal with, fear not I already budgeted you in for that week. Otherwise I am being cheap so who wants to meet for coffee or frozen yogurt?? It's really not very fun having to do this but it's necessary. I am almost 29 yrs old and must get serious about my finances. I was talking about this with my BFF on Wednesday night. I said one week I am seeing Beauty and the Beast, the musical and between the ticket price and drinks before it was half my budget. I also said I guess when you are poor you don't see the arts and she said yeah, you are probably right. This made me very sad. I love the arts. I will just eat ramen to go to the arts.

Also, if you hear of me selling my bone marrow, plasma, or eggs, please stop me. But really how much do eggs go for??


  1. Your Christmas Eve festivities at the Tellepsen house will be free!

  2. I'm offering drinks for office decorating advice.

  3. Ahh sweet Taylor. I had to go to cash only hurts but helps control your spending. Try assigning a certain amount of cash each month to certain things like groceries, eating out, etc. Put that amount in an envelope, then have an index card of the front. Write your starting amount on the card, and then write out each transaction like a checkbook ledger. It really helps. :)

  4. Yes to Ingrid and Jay

    Cara you look fantastic and hope you are doing well!!!