Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've Joined the 21st Century

This weekend I got a Kindle Fire from DS and AH for Christmas/Birthday! Earlier this year they asked if I would be interested in a kindle and my answer was no. I get my books from the library and kindle books cost money. I could be it being the slippery shopping slope that itunes is. I mean that doesn't feel like you are spending money! When I found out the library was now allowing people to rent ebooks, I was ready for a kindle. I mentioned that if they were thinking about a kindle again, that I was now interested. I didn't need anything fancy, just the basic one to read one. I was shocked when I opened it and it was the fire. I didn't even know what to do I was so excited. I also didn't really know what to do because me and technology are not BFF's. I am slowly getting the hang of it which is nice. If any of my kindle owning friends want to let me borrow books off their kindle I am down. I would say you can borrow from me too but I just downloaded A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland for free.

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  1. Awesome! How do you like it? I have heard good things.