Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shamrock Shake

Like the picture says, it's back. Here's the thing though, I had never heard of it before. I discovered this Shamrock business like 2 weeks ago reading a blog and then got obsessed with it. A mint shake, yes please. I was driving to Houston for a Bachelorette party and stopped at the McDonalds in La Grange, no dice on the shake. I was on the phone with the BFF at the time and am pretty sure I talked about the shake for 5 mins and she looked up the nutritional information on it. I went along my merry way determined to try the shake another day. Today was the day I found it....and I was disappointed. It was fine, but kind of had a funny after taste. It's no Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream, that's for sure.

My obsession was short lived and I am glad it's over. I have a major love of sweets and didn't need to add anything to my list of sugar products I enjoy. I can resume using Mickey D's for the only thing they are good for: Large Diet Cokes and Vanilla Cones. Y'all it's only $2.15 for both. I think that is called living on a budget

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