Monday, August 27, 2012

Yappy Hour

Friday night we had a fantastic bday dinner/drinks for one of my nicest and dearest friends D. I was telling them how I was getting a dog for a week next month, which side note, how in the world is it almost September??? I babysat for a little boy and he has a pretty sweet dog, Cori. Cori just hangs on the couch with me while I read after the kiddo has gone to sleep. I mentioned my pet sitting skills and she mentioned that Cori normally stayws with the person watching her. I have never had a dog stay with my before in my 420 feet of fun palace. I assume she will chill in the book nook all day long like any good dog. While telling this story one party guest, A, told me I should have a Yappy Hour when Cori stays over. I mean it's brillant. Who wouldn't want to come over for some cocktails and appetizers to meet my dog for a week. I am so doing this. Yappy Hour evites to follow!

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