Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chest Hair

This is going to be a random one but I feel like it is a pretty funny topic esp. given my thoughts on it. A man's chest hair. This is something that does not bother me and is actually something I prefer. I am not saying I want a grizzly of a man but I think there is something very nice and dare I say sexy about chest hair on a man. You know they are a man, man. I don't want one of those guys who is shaving his chest. Sorry you are not for me. Especially when that hair starts to grow back and there is stubble. No thank you! I can't touch on this topic without sharing a story from about 6 or so years ago. The BFF CP was living in Austin for the summer, we were still in college and I was in Houston for the summer and she was working in Austin as an intern for Texas Monthly. So I came up to see CP and paint the town red and man did we. We went to some bars and were served heavily. We ended up at a bar that's name escapes me and I am sure has been renamed since. There at that bar I fell in love...well for an evening. I can't tell you his name I can only tell you that CP put up with me and was there to witness the wonderfulness that I was. Anyway, I am falling in love with my unnamed gentleman and as the drinks continued my actions, well I could not be held responsible for them. The only thing that really stood out in our minds as we look back on this evening was me, twirling the love of my life for the evening's chest hair. Yes this happened in public and I am here owning up to it publicly. I twirled chest hair in public. CP loves to remember this story and what a team player she was and how she had late night with the cab driver, a whole different story. Maybe my love for chest started then or maybe this was just the moment I went public with it and realized I was not opposed to some chest hair. How am I still single you may ask? Well it is the same question I ask myself every night as well! And yes, Chuck Bass just exudes sexiness!

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  1. This starts tonight! Get ready for all kinds of Chuck Bass!