Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I learned in book club

Last month in book club we read The Paris Wife.
I really enjoyed the book and can honestly say I didn't know much about Ernest Hemingway. What I learned about him though, was that I am not a huge fan of him. He seemed like not a very nice person and all of his cheating bothered me. I also decided that people didn't do much back then beyond drinking. Drinking all day long and not really any working. Seemed like lots of money going out but not a lot coming back in.

I was also curious to know what Hadley and Ernest looked liked so I did a bit of googling.

Spoiler Alert: I didn't know how Ernest died and also read up on that. I am probably one of the few people that didn't know that he killed himself. Oh and when all was said and done he had 4 wives and sounds like he cheated on all of them with the next. Thank goodness Hadley found herself a good man!

This month's read is not nearly as classy...We are reading 50 Shades of Grey...per my suggestion!

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