Monday, April 30, 2012

Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lilo-
    I can call you that, right, because we are close and personal friends and all. Long story short, please stop acting like a diva. Word has spread about you being late to the set of Glee and making crazy demands for your trailer. No offense but you are guest starring on an episode that Perez Hilton is also featured on. No offense to him but this is what your status is these days. This isn't the post Mean Girls heyday. You should be minding your P's and Q's on set so you can continue to get paid. How else are you going to support your extensions and chain smoking habit? Just saying you might want to work on being a little bit more humble before you work on the Elizabeth Taylor movie. Oh did I say movie, let me clarify, LIFETIME movie! I when I read you had been cast to play her I thought, there is not way this is possible unless it's a Lifetime movie, and hey I was right. I am not going to act like I won't DVR the movie because I will. I the mean time I would just like to welcome you back to planet earth where you have just started to get your shit together and need to kill the Diva like tendencies. Remember we are friends, so this is coming from a good place.


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