Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bachelorette Thoughts

Last night we were treated to another great concert on the Bachelorette. I can only imagine how awkward shooting those scenes were. I mean they have the area blocked off so there is no one around them. Totally natural. I mean I think they will both be disappointed the next time they go to a Luke Bryan concert and someone's sweaty arm rubs up on them. Sorry ABC wasn't there to quarantine your personal space off. 

Towards the end of the episode I wrote some gems down. These all pretty much happen at Dollywood aka any man's dream date site. Emily and what's his name walk into the room with the stage to write love songs. So normal and again, every man's dream! Emily says "I'm obviously not a song writer". Really....I mean I thought that is why you were on the show so color me shocked. No Emily, while you are not a song writer you are an expert at wearing short shorts. I mean the ones for the play date at the park were barely visible under your over-sized striped shirt. I am sure your mommy friends were thinking, wow, really, when they had on their reasonably lengthed walking shorts or other park appropriate attire. 

Back to Dollywood. Does Ms. Parton have some album release coming out? Has Dollywood been hit hard by the recession thus needs to be advertised on a show who's target audience isn't interested in going to Dollywood? If I was in the area, yes I would swing by but last nights show didn't make me think, I need to high tail it to Dollywood ASAP. I though Dolly was a classy lady with morals etc. Her appearance last night lead me to think otherwise. 

Loved how Emily was shocked by Dolly's appearance. I guess the totally empty amusement park wasn't a giveaway that something might be amiss that day. Oh well, at least your hair always looks nice Emily.

One thing that was right in this episode was sending Mr. DJ, I think his name was Stevie, home. I mean I would have personally cut him when he walked in the first episode wearing the kelly green dress shirt. It looked liked a left over for a wedding he worked or was a groomsman in. Also, I don't care how many roses there are, and I am sure this is due to a contract with ABC, but I would have sent Alejandro or Allesandro, don't remember which it was, but the dude who called her kid a complication. I mean clearly that is not going to work out. He is probably just counting down his days until his dismissal now.

Until next week. I am still holding out hope that Emily will pick Chris Harrison and that he will then throw the rose he gives her back in her face. Because he is a good guy like that and knows he can do better. 

Oh and I totally like Arie. 

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